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VHL This Week (6.1.15)


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VHL This Week

| S43 Regular Season - Fourth Edition |


Life has been hectic and I was retiring, so I missed a week. Sue me. 
The trade deadline came and went. To recap briefly, Don Draper retired and went to Davos for a 2nd and then Tyson Stokes was sent to Toronto for a 1st. Both teams will be looking for these additions to push them over the hump as they both sit in third in their conferences.
Team Talk
We've seen some changes in recent times. The Seattle Bears were overtaken by the Quebec City Meute and now it isn't even close. The Meute hold a 14 point lead over Seattle and aren't looking back. With 14 games left in the year, their point differential is nearly three times the Bears' and over three times the Legion's. 


The Bears have a 3 point lead over the Legion for the top spot, as the Legion have been surging up the standings. These two teams will be playing each other in round one of the North American Conference playoffs. 


The Americans and Wranglers continue to toil away out of the playoffs (officially eliminated) and look forward to the future, although the Americans have played much better in terms of scoring goals!


Across the ocean in Europe we have a major shakeup since last time - the Vikings have surpassed the Express! Cologne has fallen behind Stockholm by 2 points, as the Vikings have shot their way into first place with 207 goals for, the most in the league AND their 98 goals allowed, which is the lowest mark in the league. 


The Express have fallen to 2nd but are still in a position to reclaim 1st if they want it bad enough. They are much better off than the Dynamo have been, who have lost their touch in net and dropped from the best among goals allowed to the fourth (3rd in EU). This has shown them drop to 19 points behind the Express in the standings. 


The Reign and the Titans sit outside the playoff race and both feature a bad statistic - the Reign have the most goals allowed in the league and the Titans have the fewest goals scored against.  


Player Talk

So, Thomas O'Malley, right? O'Malley is now leading the league in goals scored with 43, one ahead of a plethora of players with 42 - Xin Xie Xiao, Bismarck Koenig, Tom Slaughter and Lord Karnage to round out the top 5. 


But wait! There is more. O'Malley is also tied for the league lead in assists! That's right Wylde is no longer the sole leader. Don't worry, he's still tied for the lead with O'Malley and Slaughter, who all have 60 assists. O'Malley has the lead in both categories and Tom Slaughter is in 2nd in both categories. Did you know that these two are pretty good at hockey? That is why they lead all centers in points by nearly 20! O'Malley has 103 and Slaughter 102. 


Xin Xie Xiao is still pretty good on the ice though too, with 100 points so far in his swan song to lead right wingers by 24! Bruno Wolf is sitting in second. Lord Karnage sits with 82 points among left wingers, which is 18 more than second place and showcases that the star power in the league right now is at center and right wing!


Jake Wylde leads all defenseman by 20 points, crushing Logan Laich and the rest of the defenders with his 78 points. 


Back to Slaughter and O'Malley, they are second and third in face-off %, behind only Aksel Thomassen. Slaughter has a 3% lead, so he is ahead of O'Malley in at least one category!


Delicious is still leading the rookie pack, now with 55 points, 11 more than Gigga-Bijou. Faux trails Delicious by 20 points, but is second in the league in hits with 273, which is quite impressive. Will that be enough to sway some voters?


Sinclair has fallen 5th among goalies in save percentage, but Brookside is staying strong at the top with a .933%. He is second to Brick Wahl in GAA with a 1.77 to 1.73, although Brookside has played 16 more games. Wahl does have 10 shutouts, only 1 less than Brookside even though he has played far fewer games. If Wahl keeps up his play, Stockholm could keep their hold over first place in the European Conference. 

Trivia Talk
Answer these questions by sending a PM to me. Also, do not post your answers in public. Lastly, all answers are found within this article, not based on any games posted after this has been posted.
1. How many total players did I say have 42 goals scored
, according to this article?
2. How many total points does Bruno Wolf have, according to this article?
3. What is the difference in GAA between Brookside and Wahl, according to this article?



 What would you like to see featured next week?

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