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Claimed:Cinderella's Story [Final 6/6]


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No words can describe the feeling of winning a cup.  Now think about how the Seattle Bears are feeling. Winning the cup as the biggest underdog team in years. Seattle had a very crazy season . First the general manager Bushito fell off the earth and disappeared for two months. Bushito then returned to get his players hopes up and disappeared again. The Bears were starting to lose faith in having any chance of winning the cup. They started becoming less active then they were at the beginning of the season.


Thanks to a big mouth and trash talking player named Brovy a spark was relit for the Seattle Bears. The Bears became hungry for the cup to prove Brovy wrong.  Things started turning around for the Bears organization. Higgens took over Seattle and started to change lines and make the team more aggressive. Wins started building up, although teams still thought Seattle would be knocked out of the playoffs in the first round.


Come the playoffs. Seattle took on the Toronto Legion in the first round. We thought it would be a difficult series for the Bears. Although the motivation that the Bears had was still extremely strong. Seattle came out with their brooms for Toronto, sweeping them right to the golf course. Everyone was very surprised it ended as fast as it did.


Then the second round came along and the Quebec City Meute were prepared to take Seattle out of the playoffs. Seattle knew that Quebec was not going to be a easy opponent. Unfortunately for Quebec the Bears were still steaming hot. Seattle came out winning the series four games to one. Quebec players became furious. They grew a hatred for Seattle. No one thought Seattle would every be in the VHL Finals. The Cinderella story was in full throttle for the Seattle Bears.


Cologne Express also known has the cho-cho squad was the last thing standing in the way of Bears winning it all. The Bears at first did not know what to expect but they knew Cologne was a very good team. After four games the series was sitting at three games to one in favour of the Express. The Bears defence man truly thought that the Bears season was over. Seattle could see all the hard work slipping away and definitely did not want that to happen. Escabar went into beast mode and Seattle became the monstrous team they knew they were. They came out winning the next two games in a row, shutting the express out completing in one of the games. Game seven was going down and the Bears had gone all in. In game seven the Bears came out hard Pablo Escabar came out with two assists and some great shots blocked and bone crushing hits. He motivated the Bears to push hard and to go big or go home. The Seattle Bears went big winning game seven three to two.




We got a statement from Seattle Bears, defence man, Pablo Escabar. " This feeling is incredible there is excitement and amazement running through my body. Being my first season in the VHL and winning the cup is insane! I can't wait to go out next season and do it all, all over again."


(545 Words) 

Edited by Mr. Escabar
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Content: /3 - Great story on Seattle's Journey to winning the cup. Congrats on winning!

Grammar: 2/2 -  lovely
Higgens = Higgins  ;)

Quebec was not going to be a easy opponent = Quebec was not going to be an easy opponent.
every be = ever be  

Appearance: 1/1 - Yup

Overall: 6/6

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