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Claimed:LeBeau: Three More Seasons


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LeBeau: Three More Seasons


Five seasons so far and Remy LeBeau is currently still on track to become one of the most active first generation players in the history of the VHL. After a short season with the Bern Royals the goaltender was drafted by the Toronto Legion, which has been his home ever since. While Remy LeBeau has enjoyed individual success by winning the Aidan Shaw trophy, he has not had the luck yet in the playoffs.


Out of the big three of his generation (LeBeau, Rift, Tukio), LeBeau is the only one who has yet to win a cup. And this bothers him a lot; he feels he is one of the best goalies in the league. After throwing away a 3-1 lead versus the Calgary Wranglers his season ended again, five seasons without a won series in the playoffs and this pisses him off.




When there is talk about Tukio or Rift in the media LeBeau usually always shows his face, expressing the envy he has towards the situation they started their careers in. They started with teams with great talent to build around with where LeBeau WAS the talent in Toronto to build around. Five years have passed by and we haven’t progressed a t all. Therefore LeBeau hopes that the upcoming free agency period the Legion will get some nice signings to join the ranks, how sweet would it be to add a player like Chico Salmon or Yuri Grigorenko to Toronto to replace the loss of Smooth Jive. Another player that LeBeau would love to see return is Odin Tordahl, even though his stay in Toronto was short, LeBeau still feels like he is good friends with the player and would definitely love to be teammates once again.



It is however unknown how things will go, with a goaltender like himself in net he believes that the Legion have what it takes to take the cup back home, luck just isn’t at their side. Three more seasons, three more shots at the cup. LeBeau has a contact for another year, but it is likely that he will renew with the Legion as long as they can stay competitive.


Three more seasons, just three more seasons. Remy LeBeau feels like the time is way too short to do everything he wanted in his career, he feels like he is just entering the prime of his career and that he can fight off regression without any problems. He however, really wants to win his cup and asks for help from the outside.





Dear upcoming free agent, 


Thanks for reading this letter. It is time to take back what is ours, Quebec and Helsinki had their fun this year and now it’s time to bring the Toronto Legion back into the final. We are just looking for that extra piece to push us into being a contender. It is likely we will make it to the conference finals at least next year, so we have a 50/50 shot at being in the finals. Come join us and let’s win a cup together!


Remy LeBeau



There we have it, LeBeau asks for your help to let the Legion regain its former glory.

Be part of something great in Season 36 and join us.



Words: 572


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Out of everyone in the league, I think you deserve a cup the most. If I ever leave Quebec and if I don't go to my favourite team, I want to help you win


If we manage to get Kyle and Kyle a Cup this season then I completely agree with this statement. Sometimes it's tough to do Green on your first player. Hell look at both Kyles. Dowd hasn't won a Cup and he has ahd like 3 players. Jericho's first player was a HoF player who made the finals an ungodly amount of times with zero results. I even with my first player made it to the finals on a couple of occasions. Sim luck, it's a bitch. 


Also as a side note, good read. Free agents flock to Toronto? :P It goes further than free agents though. With the last guard of the old pre S30 stars leaving the league and with slowly but surely the Legions core of forwards gaining more TPE you already have some underrated star power on the team. 

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I know it's tough to do, but that doesn't change the goal of achieving it. I started LeBeau with the idea of trying to get that first-gen TPE record and build a hall of fame player. I know both things were going to be hard, especially in a league with a long standing tradition as the VHL, but definitely not backing away from it.


I think we indeed have a great core build in Toronto, but last years it showed we needed something to push us over the edge. Hence the call to the free agents. And thanks for the kind words Squinty, hope we will be on the same team someday getting a cup. Either in Toronto or somewhere else if Sandro decides to ship me off someday.

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Another player that LeBeau would love to see return is Odin Tordahl, even though his stay in Toronto was short, LeBeau still feels like he is good friends with the player and would definitely love to be teammates once again.



Absolutely, however very unlikely....for obvious reasons.


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Content: 3/3 - LeBeau has definitely been one of the best goaltenders of his generation and is on the short list of those who really deserve to win a cup before their career is over. If I remember correctly, Toronto has had some shitty luck the past couple of seasons, but hopefully that'll change before you're forced to retire.


Grammar: 1.75/2 - A slight deduction, but no biggie.


had the luck = had any luck

again, five = again. Five

a t all = at all

Tordahl, even = Tordahl. Even

career, he = career. He

the final. = the finals.


Appearance: 1/1 - Very nice.


Overall: 5.75/6

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Content: 3/3 - Having an elite goalie is something that every team wants in order to win a cup. With so few people making goalies, and their high position of importance, one way to make your player stand out is to create a goalie. If you keep up your activity, maybe you'll become the best first gen goalie ever!


Grammar: 2/2 - The HartnellDown worshiper got everything.


Appearance: 1/1 - Looks good.


Overall: 6/6


Final: 6/6

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