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Where in the World is Felix Zamora?


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Where in the World is Felix Zamora?

-Atlantic Ocean




Happy holidays all!  Today marks a great day as I begin traveling across the world, visiting numerous places from the mountains in Nepal to the rivers in Venice and everything in between.  Want to hear more about it?  Join in!


Right out of the gate I had decided to pay homage to nearby Cascadia, where I spent a few hours traveling around markets like this where I feasted on some amazing fish.  From there, I traveled east because I keep hearing about how amazing the view is when you get to the top of this gigantic building.  Unfortunately, the plane I took had a malfunction and we overshot the runway there so we ended landing in a discrete location off the coast.


After much deliberation, I decided to take a ferry across the pond to Europe where I wanted to ski and check out some of the “old” world.  Those ideas dispersed quickly as my love for the general welfare of the world landed me a seat at this meeting for an entire day.  I was dying for a beer after that adventure, so after a quick bus ride through the mountains I thought it would be fun to take in a little history and learn about gems here.


Where in the World is Felix Zamora?  Tune in later this week where you’ll hear more about the second half of his amazing trip!


Happy Holidays,


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