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Season 51 Week 2 Answers


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1 correct answer = 1 capped TPE + 1 point on S50 leaderboard
2 correct answers = 1 capped TPE + 2 points on S50 leaderboard


Answers due October 16th, 11:59 PM


REMINDER: No question ever asked in VHL Trivia requires the use of season indexes.


1a. Which former 1st Overall pick was suspended 1 whole season? - Robert Sharpe was suspended one whole season way back in Season 1
1b. What day was VHL created? July 18th, 2007


2a. How many non-Scandinavian players have won at least four medals in the World Cup? - Seven - Ryan Sullivan, Clarke Marcellin, Hans Wingate, Thaddeas Humbert, Phil Hamilton, Wolfgang Strauss and Severin Von Karma
2b. What day was VHL created?


3a. Who was the first Hall of Fame builder to not share a name with a Hall of Fame player? - Raymond Funk.
3b. What day was VHL created?


4a. How many times did Dustin Funk (Toswammi) take over as GM of Riga and was the the combined length of his tenure? - 3 times, and he was GM for about 9 1/2 seasons. 
4b. What day was VHL created?


BONUS: Give me a question to use in the future and when it's used you'll get 1 uncapped TPE.


1 TPE for this week







@der meister



1 Extra TPE for questions








Beketov - 4

Solas - 4

Phil - 4

Jardy - 4

evryday - 4

Streetlight - 4

Smarch - 2

JRuutu - 2

Kendrick - 2

Velevra - 2

Green - 2

Boom - 2

Banackock - 2

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