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Claimed:The 10 longest tenured VHLM GM's: #5- #1


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Part 2 is right here!


Картинки по запросу an old hockey general manager

*even more experienced GM.*



5. Joey Kendrick


11 seasons as a VHLM GM

S2 with Fresno Bulls; S9-11 with Gothenburg Eagles; S14-16 with Brampton Battalion; S19 with Kolari Panthers; S39-41 with Saskatoon Wild



5 GM tenures, two of them were one season long - that's all Kendrick. He has a rich history of GMing and not only VHLM team - he managed Seattle when VHL was created, made Helsinki a champion in S22 and took over the newly created Cologne in S31 for 6 seasons. But his VHLM experience was pretty decent as well - 1 cup in S14 with Brampton (once again) and 2 more finals with Kolari and Sasky. I assume his recruiting passion back then is the reason why was paying much attention to juniors: he even won Ken Holland Trophy in S40 while not being a champion. 






4. Shawn Howard


11 seasons as a VHLM GM

S18-19 with Gothenburg Eagles; S44-49 with Moscow Red Wolves; S50-52 with Oslo Storm


Like Edgar was the only GM who brought the only cup to Vasteras juniors, Shawn did the same with Moscow in S45. And like Edgar, that was the only cup for him to date. Also, he has 2 finals, thats similar to Kendrick's VHLM tenure. He has a lot similarities with two last managers (Edgar and Kendrick); the only difference is Shawn never took the VHL team. Other than that, he can be quite proud of his accomplishments. He stepped down from Oslo in this season and maybe we're going to witness another his takeover soon? 



3. Jardy Bunclewirth


11 seasons as a VHLM GM (current Ottawa GM)

S16-19 Minot Gladiators; S46-present with Ottawa Lynx


It's likely that Jardy wants to surpass Reilly after S54 in terms of GM longevity. Jardy is known as a S23 VHL champ with Calgary, but he is even more known as the man who won the last cup for Minot. Also, he is the S46 champ with Ottawa followed by two classic finals against Bratislava. Now he is very determined for the third cup after a quiet S52: he already took all three rookies and made Ottawa the main favorite for the Founders Cup. 



2. Jack Reilly


12 seasons as a VHLM GM

S18-29 with Saskatoon Wild


I already named his accolades and I din't think I need to do that again. Which more is surprising, his 12 seasons are enough only for the second place and there is a GM who spent more seasons as a VHLM GM. And one more fact - Jack tried his luck in VHL as well, but his Davos didn't add anything to his trophy shelf. 



1. Zach Gagnon


16 seasons as a VHLM GM

S21-22 with Kolari Panthers; S24 with Oslo Storm; S31-35 with Bern Royals; S38-42 with Minot Gladiators; S43-45 with Ottawa Lynx


Ok dis hard. Not only he spent  the mind-blowing 16 seasons in VHLM, he also won 0 Founder Cups. That's right, 0/16 record. I don't know why he was so unlucky with GMing juniors and it's not like he had absolutely no chances - his managed teams participated in 4 finals (S21 and S22 Kolari; S24 with Oslo and S34 with Bern), but the outcome was the same: L. He recently returned to VHL and it's going to be interesting - will he try again to finally break his curse? Stay tuned. 



That's it and I'm out.



6 TPE goes to Petenis. 

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7 hours ago, JardyB10 said:

I didn't realize I was so close to being the longest tenured VHLM GM, definitely wasn't and am not aiming for that! If I'm not the next GM to step down I'll be really mad.

You're locked in until at least S60 

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