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Villeneuve's Unexpected Resurgence


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It was quite unexpected that when Villeneuve's player agent, Phil Knight, told the media a few weeks back that he'll be making more appearances this season, that he would actually follow through with it. 


However, three weeks later and approaching the first third of the season, he has been present and motivating Villeneuve to actually practice. 


And believe me, he needs it - he fucking sucks.


The undefeated Watchmen are killing it. Villeneuve is on the top line defense and does - to be polite - shit all.


He has (apparently) 4 goals and 4 assists in 14 games but I've checked every game thread and I've only seen him get one - so I don't know what that's about. 


Regardless, the Watchmen have 70 goals in 14 games and Villeneuve has only contributed 8 times. This wouldn't even be a bad thing, if he did the defensive stuff. but he doesn't.


He is tied for a team-low of +1 - way off the leader who's +35. He has a moderate 29 hits and 10 shots blocked.

In short - because he sucks he should be demoted to the second line and replaced by David Janujza or however you spell it.





Wow I could have probably converted this into a crappy MS but that sounds like too much work and that frightens me. 


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