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Will Bobby Digital Score This Season?


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The answer: Probably not. /thread JK


Through 60 games the New York Americans Captain, the man who in some ways set in motion a drama filled fuck fest of a trade deadline deal, currently has 61 points. While normally this type of assist pace would rank you rather high on the top ten assist chart, it currently has ranked only in the top five. Still, an assist per game pace or just over is rather impressive for any player. Digital is a very interesting case though in that he has zero goals on the season. But in his defense, he doesn't really shoot the puck much. He's only shot the puck 41 times the entire season, which is well below a shot per game. More often than not Digital has zero shot games, usually filled with a helper or two. The real question is can he maintain this for the rest of the season? Or will a lucky puck simply cross the goal line and it be deemed Digital was the last one to touch the puck? With 12 games remaining anything can happen, stay tuned to see if Digital can become likely the first ever American Captain to have zero goals in a single season. 

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