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WWE/General ProWres Thread

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This is going in other sports because fuck you, that's why.


8O8 had the wonderful idea of starting a thread for all of us who watch this stuff (there are a surprising amount actually). So let's get this thing started!



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Best looking belt the WWE has ever had IMO.

So fake wrestling still sucks then?

I honestly don't know how people can watch WWE regularly. The camera cuts are so laughably bad that it affects the quality of the matches themselves. They have some talented wrestlers but I feel like

Just watched Barbed Wire City last night, a documentary on the rise and fall of ECW. Pretty much seems like what every other ECW doc, except they covered some specific parts of the federation's history like riots, the Mass Transit incident, etc. It was cool to listen to New Jack's view on things  :lol:


What are some of everyone's favorite matches? I was a huge fan of mid-2000's SmackDown so the Angle vs Lesnar Ironman match is a favorite for me. Edge vs Eddie Guerrero in a No DQ match was something that blew my mind as I was watching it.


Being at WrestleMania this past year, CM Punk vs Undertaker was underwhelming compared to the other Taker matches, but being there and watching it live made the experience so much better. Being at Raw the night after when Ziggler cashed in his MITB was amazing as well.

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Not worth it? It's worth it based on the fact you get PPVs included alone. On top of that you get a library of classic shows which would be awesome just to spend a day watching. Man, I'd buy that the moment it's released.


But I'm not in the US. Fuck you murica.

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I'll buy the network once its releaed for Canada


Personally I think (The Match not card) will b one of the bttr Rumbles of the modern age. The only other matches im interestd in is


Wyatt Vs Bryan

Cena Vs Orton

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Since this is general pro wrestling too.  I showed this guy to Devise but for those interested, you should check out Uhaa Nation.  The guy he faces in the match below is really talented too, but given the fact that Uhaa is 240 lbs and can do a standing shooting star press....yeah...he has everything the WWE looks for.  Both of these guys are incredible talents and are just 26.



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