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The Awful Podcast #1 - Y'know?


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Good listen! You didn't umm or y'know too much. We are all more self conscious about it more so than it is an actual issue. I don't mind you using questions, but just some advice. I used to do questions all the time, then would get mad when the questions weren't in high quantity because it hindered length and topics. The reason I like to try to use pre set topics, or come in with a bunch of things to talk about is because it allows you the freedom to always have content going on. While like in most podcast, you still think on the fly, you don't have to do it as much. Which cuts down on the umm etc. Not that I have a script or anything, but you have a general idea of your opinions on something when you start to look at topics you want to discuss. So it gives you a good base.


I still thought it was a good episode though. Remy is the best goalie in the league. Rift has two cups and a playoff MVP over Remy but both have won a Shaw. The fact is Remy is always the best player on his team and has had to carry Toronto. Rift has coasted into playoff positions on easy teams, with acceptable to good regular season performances. The only thing Rift really has in terms of actual translated skill over Remy is that Rift is far more of a good playoff performer. But that all just comes down to sim luck. I hope that Remy can win a Cup before he retires.


I like your destination choices as well. Seeing yourself slot in on a team with the aging goalie, allowing you to have rookie seasons potentially as a back up protects your stats and your player. Then when the goalie finally retires, you'll be ready to be a top elite goalie in the league. It's a smart way to do that Teams simply haven't employed it because until recently it was hard to actually get a goalie. I remember the seasons when Cup contenders had 400 TPE inactive goalies on their rosters.

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Really cool song to start of the Podcast, and I enjoyed the rest of it as well, great work :)


Did you post it in this section and not the podcast section on purpose though?

Yeah, I already have a second installment for a media spot series coming this week so I decided to just post the first episode under this section for the 2 TPE. The next episode will probably be under the podcast section.

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