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Claimed: Rush have a snowballs chance in hell [1/2]


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The Yukon Rush are looking to duplicate their playoff success of a year ago except take it a step further this time around. In Season 57 they managed to upset their first round opponent but ultimatley lost in seven games to the eventual champions Oslo Storm. The team that year was led by a solid goaltending performance from since retired Burger King who moved on the greener pastures. The team this year is a little different in its outlook and maybe its expectations. They have a handful of players who are poised to be either VHL rookies next year or VHLM stars depending on the situation presented to them. Key among those players are The Charm and Joseph Bassolino two Season 59 players, one draft eligible and one property of the Davos Dynamo. Yukon swept the wild card playoff round two to nothing easily beating the Sakstoon Wild while being led by the aforementioned young players.


The next test is far more difficult facing off with the Ottawa Lynx. The Lynx have a very complete team with Quebec Meute winger David Kiaksov leading the way for them as well as Season 58 draftee Lavar Ball and defender Adam Warlock as well. The team dominated the regular season and should bd heavy favorites heading in to the playoff series. Veteran netminder Brienne O'Tarth is a very complete goalie and while Rush goalie Sir Galahad may have a bright career ahead of him, there's no denying the veteran has the massive upper hand here. The only way Yukon has a chance is if the two Season 59 players have dominating performances on the first and second line. The Charm had two goals in the teams first playoff game but was kept off the score sheet in the secon. He needs consistency and to be among the teams best two way players if they are to find any success againt the powerhouse. The wildcard may be veteran defense Ho Lee Fook who was once a promising young player but has since devolved in to a career VHLMer. This doesn't mean he can't contribute and with an amazing first pass out of the zone he could easily transition his team from defense to offense in a hurry.


In the end, while the Rush have a lot of depth (recently added Season 60 draftee Noel Roux being chief among that depth) it seems very unlikely they can win much more then a game in this series. The Lynx are built to win here and now while the Rush may be looking forward and not backwards once the series is over. I will take the Ottawa Lynx in a four game sweep but watch out for how the long travel from eastern Ontario to the Yukon causes some issues in this series of two Canadian teams.


In the other series we have the Oslo Storm against the Las Vegas Aces and while this series seems more evenly matched it still seems inevitable for an Ottawa vs. Oslo final. I'd say the Storm take this one in six games just due to Aces goalie Marcel St. Laurent looking to steal a game or two.

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