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S59 Group 2 Fantasy Draft


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The list after the randomizer is done, it is a snake draft so it'll be starting with @Beaviss12 hour time limits per pick

F -  John Locke
F - Roman Solokov
F - Marc-Alexandre Leblanc
D - Pablo
D - Ay Ay Ron
G - Vernon Von Axelberry

F -  Gabriel McAllister
F - Franchise Cornerstone
F - Chase Keller
D - Niko Bogdanovic
D - Mats Johnsson
G - Markus King


F -  Fook Yu
F - Peter Quill
F - Jasper Canmore
D - Keaton Louth
D - Felix Savard
G - Torstein Ironside


F -  Fredinamijs Krīgars
F - Bo Boeser
F - Lucas Muller
D - Fabio Jokinen
D - Colton Rayne
G - norris stopko


F -  Shawn Gretzky 

F - Matthias Forsberg
F - Daring Do
D - Casey Jones
D - Alexei Fedorov
G - Rhett Degrath



F -  Komarov

F - Phil Shankly
F - Xander Finn
D - Boner
D - Luka Volkov

G - Jacob

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