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S58 VHLM Awards


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If you won an award you can claim 2 TPE. All co-winners can claim 1 TPE.


Team awards do not count as TPE. 


S57 VHLM Awards


Championship - Founder's Cup: Ottawa Lynx

Best Regular Season Record - Prime Minister's Cup: Ottawa Lynx


Regular Season MVP - Mitch Higgins Trophy: Adam Warlock (:ott:) @Green 5/5 Votes

Playoff MVP - Skylar Rift Trophy: David Kiaskov (:ott:) @Exlaxchronicles 5/5 Votes



Leading Points - Ethan Osborne Trophy: Adam Warlock (:ott:) @Green


Leading Goals - Alexander Chershenko Trophy: Adam Warlock (:ott:) @Green


Leading Assists - Vladimir Boomchenko Trophy: Adam Warlock (:ott:) @Green

Top Defenseman - Ryan Sullivan Trophy: Adam Warlock (:ott:) @Green 5/5 Votes


Top Goaltender - Benoit Devereux Trophy:  Marcel St Laurent (:veg:) 3/5

  Brienne O'Tarth (:ott:) 2/5


Top Two-Way Forward- Matt Bentz Trophy: David Kiaskov (:ott:) @Exlaxchronicles 5/5 Votes

Top Executive - Jack Reilly Trophy: Keaton Louth (:ott:) 4/5 @Beaviss

@Smarch 1/5


Congrats to all the winners. :cheers:


P.S. sorry for the delay. Wanted to wait till after the draft....


Congrats to the Adam Warlocks Ottawa Lynx and there cup winning season!

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