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An Insight to Team Asia


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Team Asia is one of the few regions of the world sending players to represent them in the S63 WJC. When the General Managers were announced for each team excitement rose. Later that day and through the next each team announced their roster one by one. As the fans looked at the roster's it was clear to see who were the favourites of the competition, and who weren't. GM's had a lot of choice in their players, and with some hard decisions during training camps on who to cut and who to keep we decided to interview the General Manager of team Asia on how his selection process worked, and why he picked who's on his team.


Who was the first immediate person you knew you were going to pick?



That one was easy, obviously I had to go with @Sonnet Alexander Pepper. He backstopped Team Asia last year and he's only improved. He's been great so far this season and he's definitley the best goalie prospect being shown off in this tournament.


What were you looking for in the offense that you selected



I was looking for people who could play well, people who have shown that they can play against tough competition and thrive. I also looked for people who had good attitudes, who wouldn't be a cancer in the lockerroom. With that I had a couple of people instantly in my head. Kissan Shan and Nikita Flipachyev (@Kisshan and @Arayvenn) were immediate selections. They've both done great on their respective VHLM teams, especially Flipachyev, he's been able to put the puck in the net, he's second in goals in the league and 6th in points. Shan has also been great for scoring putting up 22 goals. We also got some good supporting guys like Tommernes who's put up 16 points so far and can definitely help out the other lines.


You guys have a strong defensive core for the options available. What do you think of the defenseman you selected?



Yea, we definitely don't have a whole lot of option, especially compared to the main hockey nations like Canada and the United States but we definitely got some great talent to chose from on the blue line. Our main 3 dman are some of the finest in the VHL and VHLM. Dylan Nguyen has done great on the strong Riga team. It's only his first season and he's got 20 points, he's stepped in front of shots and played physical, all things I'm looking for in a defenseman. He went ppg last season in the VHLM too which is great. Komarov and Rasputinov are also both doing great in the VHLM so far. Rasputinov is going to pass his previous season's point total in about half the games. He can really run an offense along with Komarov (@Gooningitup @Joobles @Dtayl)



What do you think of your chances with this team?



Obviously were not the favourites, that belongs to the previous gold medal winners Canada, but I definitley think that we have a good chance of making a medal game and I'm hoping we can upset the favourites. If Pepper can steal some games for us and we got some good scoring I think we can be a strong team. If other team's take us lightly then they won't stand a chance.



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