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Reaper's Summer Bash: A Mad Goalie and a Deflated Duck


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Reaper's Summer Bash:  A Mad Goalie and a Deflated Duck

Katherine Blade the Reapers GM had seen a lot of things in her days as a VHLM GM but nothing could prepare her for what her new 6’8, 250lb goalie was about to do at the teams most important social event of the season. It’s not like anything can prepare you for when a hulking giant of a man comes running at you full speed with a deflated pool toy in his hands and rage in his eyes.

“You need to fix this!” He said holding out the deflated duck like it was a comrade that had fallen in battle. “Blade, you need to make this right.” She almost though she heard him stifle back what sounded life a sniffle.

Blade had been mingling and talking trades with a few of her GM Guests before Flashback had come on the balcony. “You can’t be serious Blade, you are going to ditch our trade talks to go fix your goalie’s toy?” said Frank Funk ( @Rayzor_7) a new GM that had recently started making a name for himself because of the numerous trade deals he made upon inheriting his VHLM franchise.  “I mean you can always just continue our chat with Jubo, I believe he is floating on his own giant ducky pool floatie on the lake. If I am correct there are a ton of floaties down there if you want to join him” and like that Rayzor took off like a flash eager to see if Julian Borwinn ( @Jubo07)would be more reasonable trade partner than Blade.

Blade turned back to Fang( @uphillmoss) and led him and the ducky inside, she went into her storage room and took out a Pool floatie repair kit that she had bought for the party. If there was one thing, she knew it was that her reapers could be a rough bunch, so she had prepared for a little chaos. She asked the young goalie to explain what happened and struggled to not laugh as he described what Condor had done to the duck. “He murdered my poor duck Blade, he ruthlessly lashed out at an innocent! He could have just flipped me, but that bastard felt he needed to take it the extra step and claim a life. Tell me you can save him Blade. He was so young; he didn’t deserve to go out like this!” It was then he heard her stifled giggle “You think this is funny?” Fang looked sad; his mood was as deflated as the duck he cradled in his arms. “You don’t know what Dr. Duckstructicus means to me…”  Blade had set up all the repair tools and  instructed fang to put him on the table, tempted to ask her hot headed goalie how the inflatable duck got his Doctorate but seeing as he was already in a bad mood she decided she would ask after she fixed the pool toy

“You ready to get the Dr. back up and in the lake?” she asked looking at the strategic cut that condor had made on the duck’s back end.  “You can save him? “ Fang asked with hope for the first time since his floaty friend was popped. “He will be better than new, I’ll bring him out to you when I am done” Fang almost skipped out of the cottage with a lightness that a 6’8 man should never possess. It was time to save Dr Duckstructicus and have a bit of fun while doing it.

After letting the patch and glue dry Blade made her way down to the lake with the giant inflated duck. She could almost see fans eyes fill with wonder as he ran up to her.  She hanged him the duck barely able to hold in the grin, she couldn’t wait until he saw it. Condor( @Green) came up behind Fang and started to practically howl with laughter. “Did you see it’s ass, the duck has a tramp stamp now. Blade this is too good!!” Condor continued to laugh as flash flipped his favorite duck around to see what had been done to him. His eyes lit up with surprise when he saw the patch on the duck’s rear “You put a giant cloud with a lightning bolt on my duck’s ass!” Blade added “I also took the time to write ‘Fang X Duckstructicus forever on the cloud. Now everyone will know of your love and that this is your duck.” Blade said with a smile “But Condor is right it looks like a tramp stamp” he said still a bit shook.  “I’ve seen the girls you hang with Fang. So it’s ok when it’s on some one night stand but not your precious duck, better learn to love it because it is there for good.” She patted his arm and turned oh her heel. He would get over it eventually. As she walked away, she could hear Fang and Condor bickering, she laughed lightly thinking how much she loved her team of miscreants. Blade went to go get a drink because man did she need one after all this and knowing her guys this was only the beginning.


*Claimed as a VHL.com week of August 25th 2019

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8 hours ago, Green said:

Definitly sounds like Condor , awesome story. But how did he get his doctorate? (Or ducktorade)


That might be @uphillmoss‘s next story. I wouldn’t be surprised if that rubber duck was strapped to his roof inflated and taken home with him, now a permanent fixture in his home lol ? 

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