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VSN Writer Hears Murmers in Philly


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With the stepping down of BladeMaiden from Philadelphia's GM role, the VHLM Commissioners have announced that they will be doing job interviews for the GM position. The new GM will be allowed to hire their own GM as per normal. This came as a surprise to some but to others it was also expected. After the prior outburst that seemed to be in part due to not getting a expansion team, Blade had initially said she was stepping down and retiring Brick Wahl. This caused outrage from her players as they didn't want her to go, as for the rest of the league we were mainly left stunned and confused.

The reactions among GM's was immediate and mixed.

"What the hell is going on in Philly? I guess we have new management yet again." 

"Philadelphia will now be turned into a gulag as the fresh meat approaches."

"This seems like the Nuclear Reactor finally melted down, this time it's truly irreparable."

"Clown ranking to be improved probably"

Witnesses say the Grim Reaper was seen walking through the facilities along with some eerily familiar demons who may have had an affiliation to another VHLM team.


Although the Job is now open to application publicly and privately there are rumours that it won't be just one member getting the role, in fact there may not be any new members getting a role. The league is looking at a more radical approach of making the team a communist run team lead by the VHLM commissioners and run by a board of directors made up of the VHLM AGM's. This would mean the teams assets would all be determined through a vote as the team slowly gets folded in on itself to bring us back to 10 teams so we can split into two divisions.

More indications could be made as this flag was seen flying above the Philadelphia Reapers practice facility and rink held in place by a statue.



If this is in fact the case, we need to prepare for another uprising as well as we need to watch out for the people trying to jump ship to make sure they cannot escape the grasp of the Reapers in their attempts to make it to the free lands.



*VSN is in no way affiliated with this article and was purely used for a small bit of click-bate*

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