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The History of Kris Rice [2/2]


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As a Child


     Born in Red Deer, Alberta Kris wasn’t introduced to hockey until he was about five years old. Before the age of five his parents experimented. Each season he would play in a different sport to see if there was something he would find interest in. They put him in soccer one season but Kris never seemed to have much interest. He was one of those kids either socializing or chasing butterflies around the field. They tried baseball another season, Kris showed some interest in baseball but only when he got to hit the ball. They continued to try different sports such as basketball, gymnastics and swimming but he never seemed to really enjoy any of it.




      When Kris was four his family went out tobogganing like they always did during the cold winter days. They had been at the hill for a few hours, his parents were busy getting his younger sister ready to go home. They turn around and Kris was missing. Of course both parents were panicking look all over the hill and around the playground near by but could not find him. His dad caught a glimpse of him out of the corner of his eye. Kris was standing on top of a chunk of ice next to the outdoor rink across the field from the hill. He was watching as the other kids and adults were playing a scrimmage hockey game. His dad ran over to make sure he was okay and to explain to him why he can’t just walk away like that. Kris told his dad he wanted to do what those kids were doing and then continued to watch. 


      Kris’ parents never thought about putting him hockey because of the cost to play. They made the choice to put him in skating lessons to see if he would even enjoy that. After Christmas that winter Kris started to learn how to skate. Weeks went by and he seemed to be excelling at a much faster rate than any other kid. He also continued to ask his parents when he could get a stick and start playing like those kids he saw before. 


      Kris never lost the passion to want to try hockey and as winter ended his parents decided that they would save up for a few months and enrol him in next years season. As the season neared Kris got his first stick and ball. He spent the last few weeks of summer running around the drive way with the stick and ball and trying to shoot at the garage door. Finally the day came where he got to play on the ice for the first time.


Minor Hockey


    Right from the start of his hockey career Kris was passionate and intense. Not long after he first started he was skating faster than any kid in his age group. As each year passed Kris continued to move up the ranks going from Novice B hockey in Red Deer to playing AA hockey in his second year of Atom. After his first year of playing peewee AA Kris was the number 1 ranked forward in Alberta. 


      Kris was never the biggest kid and never was he the smallest. He was always the fastest. His shot continued to progress through his minor hockey years but it was his vision and playmaking abilities that made him stand out from off the rest. He was always six steps ahead of any other kid his age. In his first year of peewee he was moved up to Bantam in the hopes that he could play with kids with a higher skill level than his own and really push him to become a better player. After a few months of adjustment to playing with bigger, older and more skilled kids, Kris began to push his game beyond what any one had expected from him.


      Kris finished out his minor hockey years continuing to grow as a player each and every year. Not only on the ice but off the ice as well. He would be tested in his final year of Bantam to see what his character was really made of.


Tragedy or Triumph?


      When Kris was playing in Bantam the year he was going to be eligible for the Draft into the juniors, his dad got hurt. He fell from a ladder 20 feet in the air and broke his back. He was paralyzed from the waist down. He couldn’t work anymore and was being paid through workers compensation. This was barely enough to pay the bills let alone pay for Kris to play hockey. Kris devastated that he wouldn’t be able to play in his draft year but his emotions were more fuelled by the fact he almost lost his dad. 




      His parents saw Kris’ selflessness putting his dad and his health before his love for the game. They reached out to friends, family and Red Deer Minor Hockey to exercise any option they could
to get Kris to play. The community came together to help one of their own. The funds were raised and Kris was able to play. 






      Kris was taken first overall by his hometown team Red Deer Rebels. Kris was overwhelmed with emotion. He was able to play for his hometown team that he watched since he was a child. The most important thing however is that he was still close enough to his family to be able to continue to help his father manage his new life as a paraplegic.


      Kris went on to have an extremely successful stint with the Red Deer Rebels which put him on the map to be considered for the VHML draft. He was approached by a few teams but knew that making this next step in his career meant being further from his family. His father explained how proud he was of Kris and how it was now his time to put his dreams first. Reluctantly, Kris declared for the draft. 


      Kris was taken by the Mississauga Hounds and made his way cross country to his new team. He keeps in contact with his family every day since he’s joined the team. A player with immense skill but even stronger character. 





Word count : 1040



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Wonderful biography! Very down to earth, could easily be based on a true story for all anyone knows. Really enjoyed how Kris managed to overcome the adversity with his dad, as well that you touched on the very real issue with youth hockey these days, the cost. Many parents, just like Kris', are hesitant to get their kids involved because they simply won't be able to afford it.

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Review:  Really interesting read.  Love the progression through the various sports and then through the different levels of hockey (which I don't know so well).  Sad, but important, piece about his father's accident and Rice's selflessness.  All this overcomes the fact that it seems he would have been too young to cycle through all those sports by the age of 5.  Suspension of disbelief is worth it in this case!

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I really loved the story of a kid falling in love with hockey at first sight. Kris seems to be a great character, and you did a really nice job of describing him in a way that you know he's not just extremely motivated like most players are, but that he also just loves to play the game, which is a really likable trait to me. The inclusion of his dad's accident was a surprising one, and one that definitely left you genuinely caring for himself and his family. If there could be one thing to add, maybe just another influence on Kris' life and/or career besides his parents, but really I don't see any real problems with this biography. Great job man.


Love Kris' selfless attitude, which I think may translate a bit on the ice with his great passing ability.


Go Hounds!!

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