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(S70) D - BigHARDCORE32, TPE: 30


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2 minutes ago, BigHARDCORE32 said:

How do i sign up to play


If it were in the middle of the season, you would reach out to coaches or they would reach out to you, but the draft is coming up very soon. So, you don't have to worry about getting on a team because they'll just pick you up. I would recommend speaking with some of the team General Managers to see which team you might want to play on most. After you're drafted, they will pretty much be responsible with helping you get on your feet. For now, just get used to the forum and the portal. Make sure you watch the videos and read through the forum to learn about all off the point tasks you can do each week.

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13 hours ago, BigHARDCORE32 said:

Player Information

Username: BigHARDCORE32

Player Name: BigHARDCORE32

Recruited From: Other (Word of mouth)

Age: 38

Position: D

Height: 72 in.

Weight: 210 lbs.

Birthplace: Canada


Player Page



Welcome to the league. We are currently in the offseason. What that means for you is the VHLM draft is coming up within the week. You will be eligible to be drafted to a team during that draft. Best way to get your draft stock up, is to be active. maybe join our discord if you are not already. Also earn some TPE to show off what kind of player you will be. VHLM Newsletter is a slightly old but still good newsletter that will help you to see what kind of things you can do to get some TPE. 

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