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Gritty Spotted on Plane Leaving Seattle, Headed to Europe


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News reporters have been frantically following Gritty's footsteps trying to figure out where the most desired free agent in the VHL will land along with his best friend, Smitty. Upon landing in Seattle early yesterday morning, Gritty walked into the Bears facility and was not seen until walking out late at night. When reporters asked him for a comment, all he said was the following, "I continue to amaze me." Gritty's free agency tour has seen him visit Toronto and Seattle in North America, but now that he is headed to Europe there is wild speculation that he is heading back to Davos. GMs around the league are surely keeping their anuses peeled for this big development, as they know the Gritty and Smitty combo can completely shake up the league wherever they go. And on the off chance Gritty is not heading back to Davos, why would he be heading back to Europe? Maybe he just likes Italian food and knows he won't get any in Toronto. 

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