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Another Brick in the Wahl [2/2]


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Review: This was a such a nice concept. The outline in the wall is very well done, and the text is really clean. The red theme is nice, and it just all works together coherently. Great work, much better than I could do!

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Review: This my favorite graphic at the moment because of how well everything work together and the meaning of it, so first his name is Brick Wahl so the background matches perfectly, and how it starts off dark on the edges and lights up red in the center coexists well with the actual graphic. Secondly, the color blend with red, white and black it is done perfectly with the shadow, text and skater and is manages well. Lastly, its the extra detail like the white lines and  the outline which is the cherry on top. In my opinion this is for me a near perfect graphic and I could never do this.

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  • DollarAndADream changed the title to Another Brick in the Wahl [2/2]

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