S71 VHFL Group 9 - Complete

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1. @HulkHogan

2. DQ - tag McWolf

3. @Rayzor_7

4. @Matmenzinger

5. @Josh

6. DQ - tag McWolf


Group Manager: @Josh


The above is the randomly assigned Draft Order. The draft is conducted in a snake order, meaning that round 2 is the reverse of round 1, etc. There is a time limit of 12-hours per pick, if the person ahead of you has not picked in their 12-hour slot, you may make your selection, and they can go any time after. If a member misses two straight picks, they will be DQ'd and have their team drafted by me. If someone has 2 picks in a row and fails to do the first one before 12 hours pass, tag him and give him another 12 hours for the second pick in a row. Once you have made your selection, tag the person following you.


If there is a problem, tag your group manager or myself. Draft starts now, good luck to all!






F - Hunter Hearst Helmsley

F - Acyd Burn

F - Ambrose Stark

D - Guillaume Fontenette 

D - Hulk Hogan

G - Brick Wahl


DQ - tag McWolf

F - Jet Jaguar

F - Roll Fizzlebeef

F - Shawnomir Jagr

D - Condor Adrienne

D - Lance Flowers

G - Michael Johnson



F - John Frostbeard

F - Boris the Forest

F - ACL Tear

D - Vladimir Pavlov

D - Charlie Paddywagon

G - Rayz Funk



F - Mat Tocco

F - Henrik Zoiderberg

F - Erik Draven

D - Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

D - Berocka Sundqvist

G - A Red Guy



F - Julius Freeman

F - Gritty

F - Aleksander Rodriguez

D - Micheal Gary Scott

D - Brock Louth

G - Raymond Bernard


DQ - tag McWolf

F - Scott Greene

F - Tyler Barabash Jr

F - Mikko Aaltonen

D - Apollo Hackett

D - Jerry Garcia

G - JB Rift

Edited by McWolf

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so for one team, Jagr, Fizzlebeef

for the other team Aaltonen, Hackett

back at @Josh


On 3/23/2020 at 12:36 AM, Josh said:


ty just got on,


F - Micheal Gary Scott



also MGS is a D, now, so I changed the main post to reflect it

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