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Some of the weirdly winningest players ever


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I was doing something at some point in the past year and noted some of the weirdly winningest players in VHL history. The non Hall of Famers who just kept winning. Kinda like Will Clarke except he's obviously gonna get inducted after winning 7 Continental Cups in 7 seasons. @Will


One is Marcel Faux, one of jus 9 players ever to win 4 or more Continental Cups. He was there for Helsinki's repeat in S45 and S46 and caught the back end of the Toronto threepeat before retiring, only playing 6 VHL seasons in total. But before that he won 2 Founder's Cups in the VHLM meaning he won a championship in 6 of 8 seasons in the big or minor leagues. @Tylar


Another player who has 4 Continental Cups is Doug Schneider from way back. He made the finals in each of his 7 seasons from S2 to S8. But less famously, his son Danny Schneider is one of 28 players to win 3 Founder's Cups, claiming a hattrick from S40 to S42. The Schneiders have winning in their genes. @Da Bearfan


There were a couple other examples. Hudson Abbott, the original Will Clarke really, played 3 VHL seasons and won cups in each one (S54 to S56). He also got a Founder's Cup in S53. Shane Mars, the inactive god, won in the VHLM in S65, in the VHL in S67, got top rookie in S66 and despite retiring years ago was clearly better than HHH. And finally, Biggie Shakur, a rare example of a double winner both in the VHLM and VHL. @Bushito @Spade18


None of these players made the Hall of Fame but had arguably more enjoyable careers than some who did.

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