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quick media about VHL offseason


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Quick ramble about the potential offseason plans for every VHL team.


Calgary - trying to find a team for couple of goalies (Olson/Carson/Askarov). Just wondering if it's possible though. Some teams could use a backup so maybe? Also, using all the first picks for drafting as they're entering the retool process very soon.


Chicago - nothing much. Slowly replacing older second liners with the prospects (Tate/Eso/Marimoto). Other than that, should be a quiet offseason for them.


DC - trying to compete at least once more. Desperately searching for the defenceman and likely finding him. May even have to deal their 6th overall pick for that.


Davos - same stuff. Trying to find an adequate replacement for Nolan. Lucikly for them, the trade block is full of good forwards. Their defence though...


Helsinki - similar to Chicago. Fairchild and Dan Dan are gonna be a good backup scoring option for them. Also, I could see them getting Couture in exchange of like...Kate Upton.


London - I have a feeling they will sell Magnum and Schwarz to DC. Other than that, no big deals from them.


LA - slowly building a proper contender before Pines is hitting a regression. I'd say their defence and a goalie could be a big deal in the future.


Malmo - searching for everything besides a goalie. Losing Condor is gonna hurt them and if MJF indeed goes to D, they'll have to get more good forwards on top of second liners Walkers and Sterk. Again, the trade block is making a life easier.


Moscow - soon to retool territory, but before that they will go big. Could bring another star forward for higher picks.


NY - similar to LA, building a team rather than buying anything. They seem more balanced team than LA also, though with a younger goalie.


Prague - drafting Acyd, welcoming Gobeil/Bouchard and LeFriend and that's all what she wrote. Like almost every other Prague offseason.


Riga - no rush, trying to sell couple of younger guys who won't have a spot on our roster next season.


Seattle - trying to change things since later seasons brought a disappointment for them. Also, trying to not enter into the retool/rebuild phase.


Toronto - no big deals like Peace always does. Using their draft picks for likely forwards and wait until their players (outside of Merrick) will be grown up enough.


Vancouver - selling one or two forwards to not clog up their roster. Trying to find a D prospect or two.


Warsaw - nothing much. Welcoming Wu/Endrizzi and calling it a day.


So I would predict some trades like DC taking couple of forwards from London and finding a good defenceman from whatever team. Seattle makes some big deals with Davos or Moscow. Vancouver sells Couture to Helsinki for Upton and some picks. Riga manages to find a new home for a couple of their draftees for a cheapo, likely to another rebuilding teams. Malmo brings a lower TPE forward, probably Seattle once again plays a part in this. Or even Moscow. Calgary indeed manages to find teams with no backups and throws them their goalies prospect pool for 4th round pick or something.


So there it is, a short blabbing about teams etc. There's nothing much to read about since I'm not in mood to write a long article, but maybe next week?


That's it and I'm out.

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9/10 great stuff! This is good for people like me who aren't aware of the situations VHL teams are in at the moment. Small capitalization stuff gets to me but it's an effective quick article with good info!

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