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  1. The two Princes of Pennsylvania? Other than being more VHLM orientated even as VHL GM and Flyers being a bit more behind the scenes you two have very similar member careers/impact so the comparison probably isn't that off. Especially if it's like a personality/forum presence type of test.
  2. I'm pretty sure I had something similar. I recall seeing some question asking if I liked Malls and knew that there was no other way I was getting anybody else lol.
  3. The good news first kind of situation.
  4. I'll derail this thread if it's the last thing I do....
  5. How does Dill have ya'll showing up to post nothing but a number? Like literally post anything more interesting.
  6. Season 68 has officially begun, we are roughly 5 games into the VHLM season and recently announced VHL prospect and VHLM player Markus Nygren has a home. Markus, the older brother of Malmo Nighthawks forward Lukas Nygren was drafted in the 2nd round by the San Diego Marlins. I almost just called them the San Diego Gulls for some reason. Anyway, we caught up with Markus to discuss his early thoughts on being in VHLM and San Diego. San Diego is one of the middling teams in the VHLM with just enough mix of firepower and roster that if their bigger names and top players can continue to earn throughout the season the team very much could be a playoff threat. We'll see as the Season 68 unfolds in the VHLM.
  7. 1. What are the career goals with Block? 2. Tell me a little bit about the name, why Cinnamon Block? 3. What are some of the top VHL teams Block would be interested in being drafted to? 4. We've seen a lot of position switches, especially from D to forward. Do you foresee Block sticking it out at D the whole career? 5. What type of player you making with Cin? Defensive D, checking D, all out offense D etc? 6. Now that you have a player in the retirement section and are already well on your way with Cin, do you feel like an old VHL hand/veteran already?
  8. 1. Malmo is in Sweden, how can you not know that? 2. Is Gritty going to wind up careering in Vancouver? 3. If there was a Philly expansion team would Gritty break the rules to play for them? 4. What drives you to continue to make players here? 5. How much beef is there between you and Flyers, if any? 6. Toppings don't make Pizza more unhealthy, depending on the topping. Are you and yes this will be a question, legitimtely telling me that you think adding say, a green pepper or a mushroom to a bunch of carbs and tomato sauce (more carbs) somehow makes it worse? Also, your pizza crimes are noted. So the actual question, if you had no choice but to have at least 3 toppings on your pizza or starve, what are your 3 toppings of choice? (Or starve I guess you meat and cheese weirdo. Only Ketchup on burgers too?)
  9. A good way to ensure your call up isn't on the VHLM roster would be to tag the simmer in question so they know to remove them haha.
  10. Stellar article. Talk actually has just begun after several of these trades were posted ie GM 2nd players, GM players entirely and examining it going forward. Way too early to say what changes, if any to come yet but figured I'd at least mention that given the in depth and solid criticism on the subject here that examination is underway on this.
  11. I'm not opposed, if people feel it helps to look at game threads till tomorrow when they are up proper. I just didn't feel like copying all those links for something people can check in the index for the limited amount of hours it'll take to get it working haha. I get it though, convenience thing nice to just see a link you can click on for results. This happens to us every season though, a delayed game poster I mean until the second sim in ish. Again though, be my guest.
  12. Aye just a name setting in STHS nothing else. I'll change it next time I sim. Speaking of...sim is done. The VHL games bot is having an issue and I'd rather just wait because it helps the portal stats/standings stay up to date if the bot posts it as opposed to me making individual game threads to only delete them. Feel free to check in the index though everyone, first 20 games are up. Once the games poster is doing it's thing tomorrow I'll use it to amend and post the 20 games from the index.
  13. Yeah I feel like @Will has said that this generally fixes itself after a reset every season. The only other thing I saw was that the VHL and VHLM were set to playoffs in the Admin panel, which I defaulted to off, but I still think a reset is needed since I also get the error for VHL or VHLM when trying to post the games.
  14. Sort of a rough start for us, that said I'll take a shootout against top seeded CGY and a dominating game against Seattle.
  15. Sven Hitz is on your roster after I fixed it last night. You don't need to put a CPU in his place? Looking at index even shows Hitz there. DL amended index.
  16. INDEX @VHLM GM Please send all lines to and Rosters should be good based on the roster pages, if there are any errors feel free to let me know. Double sim to start the season will come once I have lines from all the GM's.
  17. Bump. @Beketov everyones lines/rosters should be good, I copied them over as well and processed that most recent trade between PRG/HSK. So feel free to get your lines in now GM's. Despite the delay I'm pretty sure once everyone has lines in for both VHL and VHLM we can hit you guys with a nice double sim to start the season.
  18. Since we have a few teams without CPU goalies and a few other issues I'd say your fine to wait. I'll have to do an update to let Bana and a few others know the fixes are done to send in their lines anyways.
  19. Aye I got you covered. Feel free to post any other issues in this thread like Bana has done and I'll make sure they are amended when I get the other index up later tonight. Thanks for your patience folks.
  20. Hell yeah sign me up. X-Com rules we do some on our channel as well.