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  1. Aye, in this instance the forum was never notified when a player decided to decline their options. So now it appears we will all be notified making it easier to manage actual FA versus those who wind up accepting.
  2. Penalty trouble and a solid goalie performance from Sterling winds up in our first regulation loss. Was a fun run, of course it had to be fucking Moscow.
  3. The shootouts continue, take any win we play our back up in this era tbh.
  4. And just as I tagged Maiden in the other game thread...Wahl gets the revenge. Damn, bad sim for Malmo.
  5. How many shootouts would you like us to play in this season STHS? Still not a loss in regulation though haha we'll take it!
  6. At least we scored 4, saving grace we ensured one member on CGY had a bad night. Take that @BladeMaiden
  7. We needed you for that one Rift. Also hilarious @tfong @Advantage and I 3 stars. I'll take the W here though we stole this one with PP and defensive play/goaltending.
  8. It wasn't just sim voodoo though. Pensfan was just as linked to Vasteras as any member, and it long felt like from the older members I talked to that despite him never being the teams GM, that it was his team. There was also a real life Vasteras IK team if I recall that Pensfan was a big fan of. It all just felt very in service of a small base of members and ultimately those in charge and the larger community felt a different Swedish city deserved to be represented. Yeah sure the sim voodoo and league hate carried things. But I maintain that we shouldn't be the type of league that just caters to a clique or a group of members because. That doesn't mean that that group still can't be catered to regardless, but you pretty much have to consider the validity not just of the optics of said city but also the overall league interest in it. I mean there is a similar conversation going on regarding potential new teams as it is. Some are okay with more goofy teams, in say China or Japan and some aren't. For the record I'm down with seeing one of those cities because I think we have all the other bases pretty much covered. But if the optics are what they are, then it's one of those things where I'd have to recognize that a larger portion of the league still wants teams somewhere else and disregarding that just to cater to the few of us who are down with the unusual spots is exactly pulling a Vasteras. It's still a "community at large" and there is generally always a way to satisfy the group interest as well as specific ones.
  9. The idea of Vasteras coming back is supposed to be a joke. Unless this satire is so deft it's going over all our
  10. Hey, happy birthday VHL holy shit it feels like it's been a long time. Even for me who's been here since 24, 12 fucking years? My god. For me the crazy thing has been seeing how the more older/busy members adapt to having VHL in their lives as they age/grow/change as people. It may seem small for some but watching other members having gone through school, first jobs, marriages, etc is kind of neat. The idea that these people were able to grow and evolve and then in some cases still find time for VHL in their lives is fascinating. Anyways. Skater Names Viet Trieu Scotty Campbell Jr Goalie George Goalie
  11. Oh I know, I'm just saying shit can be savage sometimes, unfairly so often.
  12. That first period has got to be the most deflating shit for Vancouver. Hold the Titans to 2 bloody shots on net, throw 18 on yourself, almost as much as HSK did the entire game, score at the end of 1st? 1-0 HSK. If ever STHS was trying to literally say Pepper > Vancouver I'd say that first period is pretty much it.
  13. Yep that's always been the Devise GM method. 70% luck 10% skill 10% Riding the backs of HoF talented players I can never build 9% Circumstance 1% draft picks
  14. Funk with more robbery, but the back up really shit the bed here like seriously wow.
  15. At least 7 hits I guess? This one is a big oof after taking Toronto to OT.
  16. First loss, was inevitable but we'll take it in a shootout. We seem to be in a high majority of the games we play regardless, so I'll take a point out of Rifts bad night.
  17. Helsinki Toronto Moscow Seattle
  18. Yeah this, GM's assigned preferred attributes ages ago. @Quik had brought up letting GM's either re assign or rename again at some point a while back now I think.
  19. With how STHS has been this season...probably a shutout right @Sonnet?