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  1. More games, more sims, more problems. The Devise way. I don't think there is any problems at the moment but join me and we'll see how long that lasts.
  2. While it has been a better start to Season 79 offensively speaking, the London United sophomore defender has come out to talk with media about what he feels are unfair, biased refereeing in particular against himself. Sven was noted as having 0 PIMs last season and is one of a small group of VHL players who pay attention and care about each other on the ice, noted by having a more disciplined approach to the game. Thus far in 18 games this season Sven has already amassed 10 penalty minutes, and the defender isn't exactly happy with what the calls that have put him in the box. He had this to sa
  3. This game was hilarity on our end I don't know what your talking about. Us all game as all of town fights each other each convinced every single MAF was good...
  4. 1. London has only two wins in seven games so far. What could we do to improve? I agree with the majority here, stay the course, mix the lines put it against the wall. 2. Who do you think has stood out and carried the load so far in this young season? So far? The veterans are carrying us keeping us in games. We've had flashes otherwise bit the vets are the early goats. 3. With the VHLE starting up next season, draftees will most likely play there a season or two before coming to London. Do you think this hurts roster turnover in the short term? Inevi
  5. As the Junker (my streaming computer) clings to it's last life I am forced to do a second take. (For those curious, I forgot the mic wasn't plugged in and did about 5 minutes of talking on stream that nobody heard, then finally realized it was unplugged and plugging it in caused OBS to crash. Junker life)
  6. Today is the day, for more VHL livesims. So most days are the day. Good for us, hooray. Joining me now are you? Or at your leisure if you watch these to confirm verficiation and validation of sim sim sim sim sim sim integrity.
  7. Live sims now live for VHL (BIGS, VICTORY HOCKEY LEAGUE) now for the live bigs with the Mr. Live bigs. Sim.
  8. Hey all. Given everything going on I decided to Interrogate ADV last night, just to confirm a claim and get something for town on the board. I guessed that he was the Fisherman which came back with a yes. At this point I'm inclined to change my tune on @Goliathus given how suspect both @Jericho and @NSG88 have been. Has Jericho just checked out of this game or is he entirely evil and just getting away playing the equivalent of dead on arrival? I say we yeet him first and go with your plan Goliathus to vote out one then at night we all visit you. That sounds solid to me as well.
  9. You've just been simmed! We are live now for more games now with the games now live for more now with the now. I said it right, you got something to say? Live.
  10. Hey again all catching up again today before the live sim. I'm glad we didn't yeet Ricer yesterday because we got a good kill in OMG out of it. Sadly my results wind up not really helpful for the group for another night despite actually guessing the role. Because everyone was on Ricer yesterday and both OMG/Goliathus were the most sus for it I decided to Interrogate OMG. I guessed that he was the Sniper and got it correct, but obviously we know that now. I don't know how I feel about going after Flex giving the note that he claims he was poisoned. Obviously the amount of
  11. A real us vs them going on here. Who to trust, who to vote. Interrogator here chiming back in, I did actually remember to use my night action last night just trying to keep up in here. I interrogated Nyko and guessed that he was the demolitions expert which came back as a no. I tend to think both OMG and Nyko are sus, but if people think that Ricer is a go to target I could be persuaded that way as well.
  12. I'm posting it here for for all the homies who actually pay attention on the forum. Right now...Discord has no idea that we are live. What if, and I'm not going to do this but imagine, what if....what IF I just went live here and simmed and then tagged them on the discord like an hour from now with the archive of my go live here and went all "I'm live now guys." Anyway we are live now.
  13. Sorry my awful busyness has lead to a level of inactivity will make me look sus regardless of what I claim. But I literally forgot night actions after the first night, but for the sake of it. I'm the Interrogator. I investigated Jericho on the first night (of course) and guessed that he was Gustav, which was a no. That is sadly the only action I have taken.
  14. It's not VHLM time, sorry to all the alert folks I just woke up. Your fine. Oh it is VHL time by the way, it's peanut butter VHL time. No? I think that meme is too old now. Boomer Devise reporting for duty!
  15. Hello everyone, more VHL games here. Jericho is with me too. Fun. https://youtu.be/0Z8tVAo5AN0
  16. Blimey, I've been preoccupied today what have I missed?
  17. A little bit of Day 3 time, here we go live now live with the extra live sauce live.
  18. Fucking pims?
  19. Despite what the video thumbnail says we live for Day 2 of games, games VHL games. GLORIOUS PURPOSE! (Loki is a good series)
  20. Day of Season 79 is upon us. VHL livesims beginning now.
  21. That's it the off-season is over the festivities and drafts all wrapped up, players have signed to teams, it's time to get the show on the road. Over in London it'll be the sophomore season for Swedish defender Sven Rekkinen. Reik has been a very quiet, soft spoken player for much of his career thus far. He did show some emotion following his Gold Medal win with Team Europe in the World Jrs this past off-season, but after a humbling rookie season Sven has been all business heading into Season 79. At least that's what his head coach had to say, when he was asked about the prospect of Sven takin
  22. INDEX @VHL GM Good day to all and obviously to of course the VHL GM's whom now have an index that they can send lines too. You should all know the drill by now, if your new or you have your newb AGM doing it, you submit lines via the team management section of the portal. If your making any roster changes based on a trade or an addition that isn't done yet in the index, just place a bot in spot and hit me a note on PM/DM here or on Discord. I'll be posting to the go live notifications in here as well daily when we sim, as as has been the case the past several seasons now we do live