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  1. @TheLastOlympian07 you can't leave we miss you already
  2. Season 28! With ASW coming up you could make like 50 TPE your first week
  3. I'll apply. I've been a grader in SBA for a while.
  4. Last week, star Center of the Los Angeles Kings in the NHL, Zachary Young -- announced his retirement, and also mentioned that he'd be leaving the NHL for the VHL. There was a huge uproar in the NHL community, which is no surprising considering that the VHL and NHL have been rivals for years, and will be for years to come. This is a huge gain for the VHL, and an even bigger one for the Yukon Rush, who signed the seventeen year old as soon as they heard he was entering the VHL's developmental league, the VHLM. Today, hockey analysts Jim Brown, Billy John, and Steven Smith decided to write up a scouting report on the young, rising star. In the NHL, Young was most known for his defense. Despite being a Center, Young has always preached defense. Whenever he's questioned about his love for defense, Young always says " I go up and down the ice, it's vital that I'm an well-rounded player. I need to be able to play defense, and offense. But, in my opinion -- defense is more important. " Clearly, his statement has some truth to it -- because in his (year) in the NHL, Young basically lead the Kings to the second round in the playoffs, before being upset by Philadelphia. In his rookie season, Young had an impressive twenty four goals, and fourty eight assists -- adding up for seventy two points -- along with sixteen power plays, and fifty goals created. Young won rookie of the year honors, and was poised to become one of the NHL's biggest stars. He was being compared to stars such as Sidney Crosby, coming out of his rookie season. Even though he's just about to turn eighteen, Young is already extremely talented -- and will be very productive for the Rush. Along with his amazing playmaking, and goal scoring -- Young is very built, and aggressive. His penalty minutes say it all, as Young served a NHL-high one hundred and sixty seven minutes in the box. His aggressiveness limits what he can do, because he doesn't get to stay on the ice as much as he should. His stats would probably be twice as good as it is, if he was to be able to play as much minutes as he's supposed to. But unfortunately, due to his background -- it's a bad habit that Young has. Not only is Young too aggressive on the ice, but he's an hot head off of it. Young is known for having problems with the management, and he likes to take advantage of the fact that he's talented, and used it against the Kings' management, to tell them off whenever he felt to. Despite his bad qualities, Young is a great teammate. Young is a locker room leader, and actually groomed other rookies, who played alongside him on the Kings. Young is a team player. Although he focuses on his own game, as he should -- he helps his teammates get better along with him. Young is a good guy when he's ready, and if he can stay out of trouble, to reach his full potential.. he can become a very good player. Look out for him over the years, because he's going to grow into a star.