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  1. Howdy VHLers! the VSN crew is looking for an editor and 1-3 writers this offseason! Think you got what it takes? Read the listing below and apply in the comments! Editor - Have a strong grasp of the English language and basically know you're stuff about grammar - Be able to give honest feedback - Stay motivated to edit semi-daily Pay is 8 TPE weekly Writer - Ideally be able to put out 2-3 articles a week (although I won't be upset if you can't) - Be able to work closely with the editor to provide good content - Be available to cover special events (Draft, ASG, Finals etc) - Be able to write English at a good level Pay is 8 TPE weekly
  2. ShawnGlade

    CGY/SEA: S65

    ok this is a rivalry now
  3. Really sad day Was fun playing alongside Nguyen! Glad we got you a cup ❤️
  5. Can I claim TPE for scoring? It may have been on my own net but a goal is a goal
  6. Ive been a Gm for 3 seasons and picked 2nd overall every time i wish i was on your level
  7. Aaaaaaaaaaaand for the THIRD consecutive season, Davos picks 2nd overall. I've been Davos GM for 3 drafts and picked 2nd every time. Although this time I'm happy because we really jumped up
  8. Gonna add in here, it's bullshit. Riga is way better on paper and they just get taken out in 5? I understand upsets happen but it seems like this is very consistent
  9. I give my personal recommendation to @uphillmoss, dude has been wanting to get into the game and he's active in the community
  10. Halifax and leading 3-1 in the semis. Name a better duo
  11. seriously? ok, i get it haha memes but thranduil is really deserving of a GM job. how did he not beat any of these guys? EDIT: Ok, disregard. Didn't know about the news until now
  12. ShawnGlade

    VHLM Expansion

    Ouch. Sorry but gonna have to say I don't like it. 3 expansions? You gotta be kidding me. I understand the league is expanding, but having smaller leagues is way better IMO because eventually the league is gonna get bigger and bigger and soon we're gonna end up with 15+ teams I like how we're growing, but god damn can we PLEASE stop expanding