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  1. Was not a salary cap issue that derailed Davos' season
  2. Nah you right, lemme just build this competitive roster for next season and then get slapped in the face with it mid season I said this the last two expansions, this is really something that needs to be announced in the offseason, not mid season
  3. Happened this offseason. Davos payed a bit extra on Davis to land his services, and Davis chose to cash in and get a big payday
  4. Yes, very tired of expansions Davos has gifted 2 expansion franchises with elite young talent that has already started making an impact, am I really about to do it again?
  5. of course we win after it doesn't matter
  6. That's........a big bog group now
  7. This is one reason I hate expansion. I get that everyone has to go through it, but in my short GM tenure, this is my 3rd expansion draft where I have too many good/decent players, so I'm losing a nice asset for nothing. Fuck expansion Nice writeup, made me realized how fucked I'm gonna be
  8. Feel like as VSN head, I need to chime in here So one thing I've mentioned a few times behind closed doors, I'm in the process of moving across the country for college, so my activity on the site in general has taken a dip since VHL hasn't been a priority in the past few weeks. I'm settling into my new place on the 21st, so that's when I imagine I'd be able to get back to fully running it Obviously you guys can blame the writers or whatever blah blah blah but truthfully it's my fault. I let people know what my situation was but obviously you can see that VSN has been barren While it seems like nothing has happened, I've quietly been making changes to our roster, with the departures of Enorama and SlapshotDragon, I've been chatting with a few people regarding joining the crew. So I can promise you guys this much, I haven't left or given up on VSN, I'm still very much committed, but for about another week, there's not a ton I can really do
  9. I have first hand experience with all 3 of these guys and I can say with full confidence that they all would make great managers Mertz hasn't had any experience yet, but when I had him in Hally, he was a gem and one of our best LR guys. I offered him the AGM spot but he turned it down McWolf has 2 seasons of GMing under his belt, and went to the finals once in those 2 years. Involved all around the site, great choice Poptart has been a key guy in our LR for the past few seasons, and runs our trivia/PC stuff weekly, and really does a great job, and his scouting is insane, helped me scout this season too
  10. Yes, I offered him the AGM role and he turned it down. He was super active in the LR and even asked him to draft for us in the s63 draft