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    S64 Endorsement Claim Thread

    250k Glade 500k Warren I think
  2. ShawnGlade

    S64 Team USA Roster

    TIL that I missed GM applications. God damnit but that defense tho holy moly
  3. ShawnGlade

    Finals, GM 4: Las Vegas Aces vs. Halifax 21st

    Wait, this doesn't fit in with Halifax history
  4. ShawnGlade

    Finals, GM 3: Las Vegas Aces vs. Halifax 21st

    It's in Hally's blood
  5. ShawnGlade

    Practice Facility (February 11th - February 17th)

    2 Warren 1 Glade
  6. ShawnGlade

    Does Glade suck?

    Yes Let's take a look. Glade recently signed an extension with Riga, keeping the dman in Latvia through S69, with a NTC. Glade celebrated his new contract and rewarded his GM by doing trash and worse than his rookie season. This season the Riga blueliner put up 47 points in 72 games, which is pretty ok as a dman, right? WRONG. Last season Glade put up 10 more points en route to a Continental Cup Victory over Calgary. This season, Riga didn't even make it past Helsinki. Coincidence? Actually yes because Glade only put up 5 points in 7 games. Are you fucking serious? I have more GOALS this season on my highschool team than Glade had POINTS and I've been concussed all season. Glade actually scored 9 less assists this season than last, like wtf dude? Pass the damn puck you goof. It also doesn't help that Glade was demoted to the second line and had to drag the inactive corpse of Dylan Nguyen. Also, Glade got statistically 100% less PP chances because of how bad he is. Will we see a trade coming for the young dman? Spoiler: Nope, remember that NTC? Glade has fucked himself, hopefully he returns to form next season.
  7. ShawnGlade

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    More questions for even more TPE. Answer all 6 of these questions in this thread to be eligible for 2 capped TPE this week. 1) Finally, playoff time is here! Make your claim right here, who's going to take it all? Halifax obviously 2) If you made it to the playoffs, what are you going to need to do in order to take home the cup? If you missed the playoffs, what are you going to do to come back stronger for next time? It WAS to score but I didn't do that so I suck 3) If you could, would you stay another year in the VHLM? Why or why not? Hell nah. Actually jk I would. I did it with Glade and he capped like a week in and won DOTY and goal scoring race with 108 points so yeah 4) The playoffs are where stars are born. Which player do you think will rise up to the task and pave the way for their team? Chase for Hally I'm calling it 5) Are you or your team following any playoff superstitions this season? Apparently Ottawa's season-long superstition was to not talk I guess 6) The Achievement Tracker notice went live not too long ago, and claims will be open until the playoffs end. Are you happy with how much TPE your player will be awarded? Christ no. I'm getting like 4 TPE IF I'M LUCKY
  8. ShawnGlade

    Katie Warren's abysmal season

    A first round pick in the VHLM, and one of the most anticipated prospects coming into the season, Warren's career in the VHL has not gotten off to a good start. The Ottawa forward finished the season with 15 goals and 43 points, which is not bad, but she is very disappointed seeing fellow draft class members passing her in every stat. "It fuckin blows, I thought I was gonna kill these scrubs but I did fuck all." Warren and Ottawa finished their season in a Game 6 loss to the Halifax 21st. Warren recorded 2 goals, one in the last two games of the series. As the VHLM season is nearly over, Warren has shifted her focus to the VHL, where she will be joining HC Davos Dynamo and will likely start on the wing and start with reduced ice time. Warren said "Yeah I'm really excited to be joining the bigs with Davos. Thinking about all the points I'll be getting and all that cash is pretty sweet and has taken my mind off of my horrible season in the VHLM."
  9. ShawnGlade

    Practice Facility (February 4th - February 10th)

    1 Glade 2 Warren
  10. ShawnGlade

    S64 Finals Fantasy Zone

    Helsinki Helsinki Toronto 4-2 Toronto P: Arroyo G: Arroyo A: Johnsson
  11. ShawnGlade

    S64 Achievement Tracker

    Katie Warren Forward Goals Hits
  12. ShawnGlade

    Semi-Finals 2 - Game 7: Helsinki vs Riga

    It's a quote from someone who 1. Was eliminated in the VHLM 2. Was eliminated in the VHL 3. Lost the draft lottery after finishing last All within 24 hours
  13. ShawnGlade

    VSN - Mock Draft #3

    Pretty sure Davos has the 5th overall pick, but if they don't, they get 7th overall, not 8th
  14. ShawnGlade

    Semi-Finals 2 - Game 7: Helsinki vs Riga

    It's official, this day sucks and I hate my life
  15. Answer some questions here for free TPE! 1. How do you feel about playing for new expansion franchise in year 1? 2. What's your long term goal on the VHL forums? 3. What kind of player build are you going for? 4. What's one thing you really like about the VHLM that the VHL doesn't offer? 5. Were you happy with where you went in the draft? 6. What in your eyes is the best part about being on an expansion team? 7. Being on the new expansion team, do you feel at all that all eyes are on you guys to perform? 8. What team other than Halifax do you think has a good shot at being contenders? 9. What do you think about the name "21st's"? 10. What would you say is your goal this season in the VHLM? @Hunter @bagelbitesisbae @DrHexDex @Sllaym @tfong @Arayvenn @BBNAT @ColeMrtz21 @devilsfan35 @Potato @Sami K @Barracuda @Jepox
  16. ShawnGlade

    S65 Draft Lottery + Bonus Expansion Lotteries

    except im ok with Riga because my player is there
  17. ShawnGlade

    S65 Draft Lottery + Bonus Expansion Lotteries

    I realize that, but FUCKING NYA, ARE YOU SERIOUS. weve lost both lottos to the fucking americans. we couldve won 10 more games and still picked 2nd overall
  18. ShawnGlade

    S65 Draft Lottery + Bonus Expansion Lotteries

    are you fucking kidding me we finish dead last in back to back seasons..............and lose the lottery both times who wants to take over davos for me
  19. ShawnGlade

    Semi-Finals 2, GM 6: Halifax 21st vs. Ottawa Lynx

    Katie Warren starts heating up at the wrong time. Grr Anyways, really happy to see Halifax go back to the finals. Go get that title boys
  20. ShawnGlade

    Semi-Finals 2 - Game 6: Riga vs Helsinki

    To 7 we go
  21. ShawnGlade

    Semi-Finals 2, GM 5: Ottawa Lynx vs. Halifax 21st

    Also at the hands of Halifax might I add
  22. ShawnGlade

    Reflection on my rookie year

    Also, I don't recommend taking these stats at face value. Davos was rebuilding and poor Finn was forced to play net with 0 defense at all. I think with a better team in front of him, he's a top goalie