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  1. Trifecta

    GM 122: Oslo Storm vs. Saskatoon Wild

    @Bandit @Lightningyamasha
  2. Trifecta

    GM 121: Halifax 21st vs. Ottawa Lynx

    There it is boys
  3. Trifecta

    WJC Power Rankings

    Underrated but confident!
  4. Trifecta

    Top 10 Playoff Performers of All Time

    Man FU @Victor you bum. You know nothing.
  5. Trifecta

    OSL/HFX: S64

  6. Trifecta

    LVA/OSL: S64

  7. Trifecta

    Down goes Dils

    Effective immediately Dils will no longer be AGM of Oslo.
  8. @McWolf Toronto has their 4th round pick not their 4th pick. When you say it as 4th pick, it sounds like they have 4th overall.
  9. Trifecta

    Team World

    After feeling slighted about not making the USA's roster for the WJC, it seems like Dallas has hope yet again. When he heard word break that he would be joining team world's roster, things started to feel better. Dallas hasn't lived up to expectations so far and it seems like it has affected his attitude. Being on the Oslo Storm had taken a lot out of him and he just felt completely drained. He would go out on a nightly basis and give 110% but it wasn't enough. Let's just hope that the WJC's and the recent trade to the Ottawa Lynx will revitalize his career and give him a positive outlook on his career going forward. I mean after all this is just the minors but he still feels like it will set the tone for his career and he want to go out on a positive note. The draft is soon approaching and he will be ready for that. For now the WJC's will be going on and he will get to team up with some of the best young stars in the game.
  10. Trifecta

    GM 101: Saskatoon Wild vs. Oslo Storm

    LMFAO wtf is this BS sim