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  1. Trifecta

    GM 142: Ottawa Lynx vs. Oslo Storm

    We're fine in the sense next year and the following will be fun
  2. Trifecta

    A Quik Announcement

  3. Trifecta

    (S64) C - Bjorn Skatersonn, TPE: 30

    @11 Eleven
  4. Trifecta

    HFX/OSL: S63

    My good deed for the day
  5. Trifecta

    HFX/OSL: S63

    No problem, I was just waiting for a good deal, but I feel for what you were going through.
  6. Trifecta

    HFX/OSL: S63

    I was awaiting the proper deal but your GM pushed me. Kinda favor to him, couldn't say no.
  7. Trifecta

    HFX/OSL: S63

    @Quik @nicolas01 Good luck this season bud
  8. Trifecta

    Please God, Let's Fix Reviewing

    Wrong, there was never a civil response like that.
  9. Trifecta

    Please God, Let's Fix Reviewing

    Thank you for a normal response.
  10. Trifecta

    Please God, Let's Fix Reviewing

    Did you really just insert some random B.S. for no reason?
  11. Trifecta

    Please God, Let's Fix Reviewing

    That's far from being a racist quip, but nice try.
  12. Trifecta

    Please God, Let's Fix Reviewing

    "Makes racist quips". I mean seriously how low can you go on the totem pole? You just keep spewing things that get laughable the more you say it. If I am an Elitist gatekeeper, you are a feeble minded arrogant individual who tries to trash talk someone who has a different point of view. Forgive me if I don't agree with your childish ranting about reviewing and I'd much prefer the side of keeping it the same. Maybe you might want to twist these words into something else and call me a slew of other unnecessary names.
  13. Trifecta

    Please God, Let's Fix Reviewing

    I mean if the people who sim and stuff can put as much effort in as they do and not complain, why do you have to complain about something so simple and easy? @Sonnet
  14. Trifecta

    Please God, Let's Fix Reviewing

    Yup, apparently I called you a whiny little baby. Does that not please you massa? Point task is media spot, graphic or podcast. That is what a point task is. Just a little bit of educating. LOL yeah sure, I am "throwing labels at you". It was me stating the fact that as a reviewer, you sign up for the job and you know what it asks for. Do you go into work and be like "Alright, listen. Our job is too much of a pain in the ass. Let's cut our work load in half and expect the same payout for it." No. Your boss would laugh right at you. You can claim "Oh it's a sim league", then I can get back to the work and earn to enjoy the benefits of your work. It's like real life. It's a job, it's meant for you to put in effort to earn something. If you think that the VHL is being too difficult and you can't handle the weekly needs of what needs to be done, then maybe the "VHL" isn't the place for you. There is this place called the GOMHL where you would probably fit in better because it's easier and caters to your need for something to be easy.