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  1. You're more than welcome to leave the league if you love your "one GM player per team and your need for lesser minutes." I hear the GOMHL is looking for.....oh wait you are already there. Why not just leave here and stay on the GOMHL permanently if Bushito's remark is bugging you enough to comment like you did.
  2. One player is an auto pick and the other tends to be drafted to their team with a pick.
  3. Jet Jaguar brought to you courtesy of @gorlab the GOAT
  4. Second tag on an 18 hour post and quite pissed.
  5. Same, like wtf is this lol
  6. 1. So how was the vacation? 2. Are you glad to be back? 3. Do you miss the S43 Bears? 4. Thoughts on the removal of the top leader award?
  7. It's 10x better knowing you aren't in the locker room.