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    is that mard harkinson?!
  2. Malmo Nighthawks Press Conference Answer all 6 questions for 2 TPE for the Week ending in 8/1 1. What a start to the season. Are you surprised at how well we have been doing early on? 2. What do we need to focus on in order to maintain this winning pace? 3. Are you happy with how your player has performed so far? 4. What do you think has been the secret to our success? 5. Looking at the North American conference, it's wide open for anyone to take. Which team do you think can rise above the rest? 6. Where are you taking the team out to after a big win?
  3. #MalMoMoneyMalMoProblems

  4. A brand new season is upon us, and that means it's time to announce captaincy for this season's Malmo Nighthawks! Not much else to say here, except that this season is going to be an exciting one for the Nighthawks and I'm super intrigued to see how the team can do. Anyways, here is the leadership group for the S79 Malmo Nighthawks! A - Muffbeav (@.sniffuM) A - Gunnar Odinsson (@BOOM) C - Druss Deathwalker (@animal74) Congratulations! I'm really looking forward to a hopefully successful season with all of you! #MalMoMoneyMalMoProblems
  5. 1. IM PARTYING BRO LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOO!!!! 2. I think Chicago might be able to win next season. 4. I really am not at all interested in the VHLE, it just doesn't interest me at all. 5. It's tough to choose, but probably watermelon or grapes. 6. Macaroni is the best pasta and it's not even opinion, just fact. 10. The unearthing of our mascot Terrance was the absolute most hype.
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    Jaromir Jagr

    Chris Hylands - DF
  7. I'll be the first to admit that after losing the first two games of the wildcard round to Helsinki, I had written Malmo off and was prepared to kickstart the off-season. Little did I know, the Nighthawks had something special up their sleeves, and surprised pretty much everybody with three straight victories to secure their spot in the Final Eight. It seemed like the Nighthawks just could not get anything going in the first two games. Conceding an incredible 14 goals combined over those games. While they didn't quite find their feet defensively over the course of that series, they did end up g
  8. Malmo Nighthawks Press Conference Answer all 6 questions for 2 TPE for the Week ending in 6/27 -------------------- 1. With just five games left to play, and a slender two point advantage keeping us in the playoffs, how do you rate our chances of holding on and making the dance? 2. How many times do you think our goaler, Artem Tretiak, was cursing our defence for letting him face so many shots this season? 3. Did your player live up to expectations that you had at the beginning of the season? 4. The future is bright for Malmo, barring