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  1. 1. My favourite moment was any time I got a point, they were very infrequent moments :,( 2. Better be Mexico so we can at least say we lost to the champs. 3. I hope to go right around where I'm projected at around 30, but if a team took a chance on me they wouldn't regret it. 4. Not really anything I can think of, overall it was a pretty good experience. 5. Didn't have to see any of them because I live in UTAH would've been nice to meet Alex Tuch though 6. I bought a ton of Taco Bell to cheer myself up and then went home and stared at my bathroom wall.
  2. tried photoshop technique but the image was good for it, I'd like to find a more precise way to do this but yea
  3. Its kinda bad but I like what I did with the font and crown over the O so
  4. 1. Okay hear me out... we gain control over all media, if we report the score as whatever we want and enough people see it we will be able to start a riot and it won't stop until we're allowed to advance to the second round. 2. Absolutely, I'll boost my defense and play second pairing if need be. 3. My crazy idea: I need to start scoring goals, maybe next game 4. Adrienne, he's amazing on both ends of the ice. He is going to do great things in the VHL and am glad he's playing on the same team as me for sure. 5. Honestly not able to say. Haven't kept up with trades this season. 6. Pool party with the team ... After I get a pool, or find someone with a pool. Maybe I'll just swim in a fountain.
  5. 1. I don't dance in the shower, I feel like a second of dancing is not worth the pain that would come after slipping. 2. Never drunkenly spent anything at McDonald's, but one time I bought 10 McDoubles because they were really cheap... Maybe I'm just stupid. 3. Depends if their a player I like. If a player I like posts their whole life I'll have to unfollow 4. 2, but only if I have 1 for breakfast. I have one bowl in the morning and usually have another bowl around 2am because I'm still up and I'm hungry. I'm not having more because other people need to enjoy the cereal as well. 5. I think if anyone punches me in the face I will be asking questions or at the very least one question; why? 6. A week, it was summer and I was like 10 so. No one really noticed, I can't go 2 days without showering now.
  6. I made this before I got traded
  8. Las Vegas acquires: RW Jesper Norberg Halifax acquires: S74 LVA 7th S74 LVA 6th S74 LVA 4th Winner: TBD Las Vegas won this trade no doubt
  10. finally able to get my first points