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  1. 1. All of them, can't to be playing in VHL 2. No goals, just want to be able to help the team however I can 3. Our GM ofc, without him we wouldn't be able to do that 4. Don't watch that much sports, but Lewis Hamilton does have 7 drivers championships now 5. I think I haven't been able to do much so far but as the season goes on I think I can contribute more 6. Nothing i'd personally change it seems decent from my point of view 7. I def prefer other sweets like traditional chinese ones, but I also love dark chocolate 8. I like any bread but Japanese milk b
  2. 1. It feels great and thanks to our great team and your skills we have done it 2. I think it will be helpful as it will keep our moral up 3. Being 1st seed 4. our Goalie has been our MVP 5. No i think this one is fine 6. Yes 100%
  3. 1. I think it was RJ not updating but now that he's back we should be good 2. No, i think it won't since we will still be first 3. IDK but i wanna face whatever team Dylan is on 4. I love having a good simple fried rice before the game 5. Nice ofc, done nothing wrong in my opnion 6. The holiday themed snacks and reasons to eat more of them.