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Claimed:Ranking Centers for Upcoming VHL S40 Draft


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Ranking Centers for the Upcoming VHLM S40 Entry Draft
At the time of this writing, this is for the "upcoming" VHLM S39 Dispersal Draft, and that may be long gone by the time this is published. We, here at TSN will be discussing the top 3 centers in this next draft class.
1. Thomas O'Malley
O'Malley has arguably the best work ethic in his whole draft class, let alone his position group. Thomas is the most well rounded center in this draft class as he plays a 200 ft game and has the strength to do so. Standing at 6'2" and 200 lbs from Boston, Massachusetts, Thomas has the size to dominate whichever end of the ice he chooses to do so. O'Malley is the greatest center in this draft class and will arguably be the best when these young guns get drafted into the VHL, if he continues to produce andwork as hard as he is doing so right now. Thomas was seen working on his skating and shot most of the time, as those are his 2 strong suits. His pass may need some work for the VHL level, but it's accurate enough for the VHLM. O'Malley was seen with a strength and conditioning coach last week preparing for the draft, and working on his faceoffs indirectly. Thomas knows what he has to improve, and he improves it. Simple as that, Thomas is the best center in this draft class.
2. Tyler Cote
When stating that Thomas was the best center in the draft class, it does not mean that the other centers are any slouches either. Tyler Cote just plays the powerforward role, making him harder to spot. Tyler can skate neck to neck with Thomas and can easily knock him off the puck. That is Tyler's strongest suit, his checking ability to take down players even bigger than him. He stands at 74 inches and 208 lbs, but can still skate like the wind, so that tells us about his work ethic, this guy never tires out. Cote is working on his 200 ft game, but that does not mean it is the best 200 ft game in the world just yet, it may need some adjustments, but it's definitely getting there. Cote has a weak shot, so Thomas has him beat in that regard, but his crisp, accurate pass makes up for the loss on the shooting side. Tyler can string that pass throught the tightest loop in the world. Tyler and Thomas are the top 2 centers, and after that, it falls off a tad. 
3. Jody 3 Moons
Jody can always be seen pulling a prank on the hardworking O'Malley and Cote, but other than being a pest, Jody's game really shy's off what Tyler and Thomas brought to the table. It really is a fall of and that, in no way, is a shot at Jody, it's just how good Tyler and Thomas are. Jody's game is average, but good enough to be picked and put up a few points in the VHLM, his work ethic will determine what he will do at the VHL draft.
HM: Some guy listed as a center, but is a goalie..
*NOTE* When this was written, there were only 3 centers there, so if you were left out, I'm sorry.
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Content: 3/3 - Good job, O'Malley is definitely going to be a beast, but Cote and 3 Moons are going to be interesting to follow!

Grammar: 2/2 - Nothing that bothered me.

Appearance:1 /1 - Yup!

Overall: 6/6


Final: 6

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