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Is he the first?  To be honest, I don’t know, but I think he is.


What am I referring to?


Jack Sound may be the VHL’s first quadruple crown player.  As everyone is aware, Toronto has won a cup in Season 38, America won the World Cup in Season 34, in Season 31, Jack Sound won the

VHLM cup with whatever team won?  Wait Mr. Narrator guy, that is only three 1st place finishes.  Isn’t that only a triple Crown?


Good question, but, TODAY, the Vestiquans won the Super Cup with Jack Sound playing on their team.  He was a pivotal player, and helped the team with the Super Cup, making JACK SOUND THE FIRST EVER QUATRUPLE CROWN WINNER… maybe?


Does this make him HoF worthy?




But, he will live on in one of the Media Spots that Alfie wil eventually write when a few more people win Quad Crowns, and that is a big enough award for a mediocre player.




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You actually won the Founder's Cup in S30, though.

Good to know.  I couldnt find the file, so S31 was an educated guess... Im not very educated

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I thought we decided to call getting the Founders Cup/Continental Cup/Super Cup/World Cup as running the train (or we could just call it the gauntlet).

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