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:vhl: S39 Fight Night :vhl:



How important is the enforcer to the VHL? It's a good question. It's possible that winning a fight could give your team a morale boost that is needed to score that game winning goal or tie it up with 30 seconds left in the third period. An enforcer can also bate the other teams top players into taking a five minute penalty, which means the computer player is going to be playing at least a couple minutes. So far we've had a few tilts in the league and here is a summary of all of them with winners and losers so far. It is interesting to see that some teams have no fights so far, while others have upwards of five. Lone fights seem to be a rarity and partial line brawls are popular among VHL players. It is also interesting to note that there are a lot of fights in overtime, which is risky business, but when tension is highest. Let's get ready to rumble.




:tor: Jack Sound VS. Frédérik Ernst :que:

Quebec City's Ernst was on the team that didn't win much last season. This season he fought to get a contract and wanted to prove his worth in the 1st game of the season. Ernst skated up the ice and his pass was intercepted, but he didn't care. He skated straight for Toronto defenseman Jack Sound and gave him a slash on the shin. Both players dropped their gloves and Ernst was on the ice almost as fast as it started with bloody nose.

Winner: Jack Sound

Defeated: Frédérik Ernst




:nya: Conner Low VS. Vojczek Svoboda :hel:

Things got a little chippy at the start of the overtime period between Helsinki and New York. New York was outshooting Helsinki badly going into OT and they were stilled tied. Frustration got the best of the Americans and the Titans as they took a combined 5 minors when the fight started. Conner Low isn't the type of player you expect to see fight, but when he is challenged he isn't going to say no. It is likely that Svoboda was sick of hearing about the Conner Low hype in the off-season and saw this as a good opportunity to get a few shots in. Unfortunately he didn't get any in as it was more of a wrestling match between the strong defenders.

Stalemate: Conner Low

Stalemate: Vojczek Svoboda




:rig: Brennan McQueen VS. Matt Bentley :dav:

:rig: Robert Gow III VS. Thomas Landry :dav:

:rig: Johan Hallstrom VS. Davey Jones :dav:

The Riga Reign were a frustrated bunch when they were eliminated from the S38 playoffs by the Davos Dynamo. The rivalry between Riga and Davos on the ice has been heightened for Season 39 as they both look to take the European conference. A few minutes into the second period Brennan McQueen destroyed Naomi Young in the neutral zone, which sparked a scrum as Young laid on the ice apparently injured. Bentley grabbed McQueen from the pile and they both threw multiple punches to each others face, but McQueen managed to pull the helmet off Bentley and it was game over for the Davos defender. McQueen would be served a game misconduct as well. At the exact same time Gow and Landry were tossing bombs, but were mostly missing. Landry looked like he was going to get the take down, but he lost his balance and Gow got in a few good shots when Landry was going down. Hallstrom and Jones were tangled up and fell on the ice with Hallstrom holding Jones down until the referees ripped him off. Riga wins, this time.

Winner: Brennan McQueen

Defeated: Matt Bentley

Winner: Robert Gow III

Defeated: Thomas Landry

Winner: Johan Hallstrom

Defeated: Davey Jones




:que: QUE C2 VS. Dimothenis Vlasis :col:

:que: Niklas Valiq vs. Edwin Encarnacion :col:

:que: Gabrial Johnson vs. Logan Laich :col:

:que: Azi Ali vs. Ron World Peace :col:

In a game that saw 98 penalty minutes combined it's no wonder that there were four fights. The rivalry between Quebec City and Cologne hasn't really been that interesting besides the free agent battles, but the fans got their money worth if they were looking for fights here. The rookie defenseman Vlasic challenged a Quebec veteran named C2. It looked more like they were hugging than fighting though. Later in the game things really heated up when Logan Laich threw a bone crushing hit on Konstantin Azhishchenkov. Johnson instantly turned around and jumped on Laich. Valiq and Ali tried to grab Laich and throw in a few punches of their own, but Ron World Peace snatched the rookie Azi Ali up and the always feared Encarnacion came plowing through picking up Valiq. Laich would eventually get the best of Johnson while Ali and World Peace were broken up by the referees. Encarnacion was about to throw a hay maker toward Valiq, but his arm was caught in his jersey and he was then surrounded by two linesmen and a ref.

Stalemate: QUE C2

Stalemate: Dimothenis Vlasis

Stalemate: Niklas Valiq

Stalemate: Edwin Encarnacion

Winner: Logan Laich

Defeated: Gabrial Johnson

Stalemate: Azi Ali

Stalemate: Ron World Peace



:sea: Karsten Olsen VS. Matt Bentley :dav:

:sea: James Lefevre vs. Godavari Yumalatopinto :dav:


This game got out of control in overtime. Each team took multiple minor penalties for slashing, roughing and cross checking and four players decided they were willing to sit the rest of the OT period in the penalty box to throw some punches. Karsten Olsen is one of the toughest forwards in the league these days and he strategically went after Davos star defender Matt Bentley. Bentley already fought this season and was looking for redemption after getting wrecked by McQueen. Olsen and Bentley just got started when the refs broke them up, which is a shame for us. When they were busy breaking up Olsen-Bentley the refs ignored another bloody battle between Lefevre and Yumalatopinto. These two were former teammates on Seattle, but there was no love lost. Lefevre threw 5 rights to the face of Yuma, but Yuma deliver a crushing 12 blows to Lefevre. Both players left for dressing room as they required medical attention with bloody noses for both, a black eye for Lefevre and bloody knuckles for Yuma.

Stalemate: Karsten Olsen

Stalemate: Matt Bentley

Winner: Godavari Yumalatopinto

Defeated: James Lefevre








:que: - 5

:dav:  - 5

:col: - 4

:rig: - 3

:sea: - 2

:tor: - 1

:nya: - 1

:hel: - 1

:vas: - 0

:cal: - 0


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Content: 3/3

Lol, I liked this article. This season has been pretty chippy so far. Luckily Draper has stayed out of the crosshairs, but thats not a big surprise since he is known throughout the league as an all around beauty. Can't wait to see Faraday scrapping next season.


Grammar: 2/2

Good job here.


Appearance: 1/1

Looks good.


Overall: 6/6

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