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FTI's VHL Dream Team


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Hello VHL'ers! It's theme week and we've been tasked with putting together VHL "dream teams". I'm sure everyone has their own personal preferences, but this is the lineup I am throwing out there. To me, these are some of the best players I've encountered since coming into the league in Season 74. Of course, I am biased and also throwing some friends of mine in here, but it's my list so frick off. Without further ado, let's get right to it!




@Ricer13 Kris Rice (C)

504 GP- 237G, 306A, 543PTS


For my man on the dots, I went with none other than the current GM of the Calgary Wranglers, Ricer! Long before Ricer was promoted as the GM of Calgary, his first gen player Kris Rice was drafted there and went on to play his first four seasons there. Ricer enjoyed a solid seven-year career, but despite his impressive TPE earning, and being on some pretty good teams, he never was able to win the elusive Continental Cup. Just because he was cup-less though, does not take away from the fact he was an absolute beast out there on the ice. He was a high-caliber two-way player who consistently put up offense while also being a beast in the faceoff circle. On top of that, Ricer is one of the biggest class acts in the league and having him in the dressing room with the boys would definitely be a plus in my books!


@BOOM Gunnar Odinsson (W)

431 GP- 223G, 284A, 507PTS


Many of you may not know, but Gunnar Odinsson was originally a defenseman who eventually converted over to forward early in his career.  Unlike almost everyone else on this list, I actually played with Odinsson multiple times over the course of his career. We both played on the Marlins together in the VHLM and while we lit the league up that season, we couldn't capture that Founder's Cup unfortunately. From there, we both ended up on the Toronto Legion in what seemingly looked to be an incredible young core. Needless to say, that didn't exact pan out the way either of us had hoped. A few seasons later, fate would intervene and cross our players paths once more as Boom came over from Calgary to Malmo. Gunnar's two seasons in Malmo were the best of his career. Season 79 saw him and I capture the Continental Cup and it was also a season where Odinsson absolutely dominated. Aside from the team winning the Cup, he went on to win four personal trophies including playoff MVP.  Boom has always been an upstanding teammate and very kind to me. He would make a perfect addition to my dream team!


@Zetterberg Ray Sheilds (W)

432GP- 200G, 244A, 444PTS


A lot of you newer users may not recognize this user, but Z used to be a very active member of this community, and his first gen player Ray Sheilds (yes that's the way it's spelt, cringe I know) was a pretty good player all things considered. It's always funny to me reflecting back during this time. Z would always brag to me about how good his player was, and I would always troll him and tell him Sheilds was shit to get him wound up. But truth be told, Sheilds' six-year career was mostly impressive. Taking out his rookie season, and his final season in Riga that was a bit of an anomaly, Sheilds was a consistent producer and a fairly clutch performer as well. He strung together four straight seasons in which he put up a minimum of 80 points or more and even broke the 100 point plateau in Season 76. The peak of his career came in Season 75 when he was a crucial piece to Malmo capturing the Continental Cup. Those playoffs saw him put up 28 points in 19 games and he famously scored the game winning goal in the deciding game of the cup final.  I definitely wouldn't mind having a player of that ilk on my team. Also him and Boom can collab on some sick drip for my team! He traditionally played center, but like all good dream teams, centers are getting shifted to the wing, so deal with it Z!




@Juice Kristof Welch (D)

478GP- 139G, 402A, 541PTS 


For anyone that knows me, you knew this one was a layup. Kristof Welch is the only active player on my dream team. He is currently on his seventh season with one possible season remaining next season if he so chooses. What's not to like about Juice? He is a legend in the community thanks to his pie-in-the-face and karaoke highjinx, but he is also one of the best homies you could ever meet. I was lucky enough to stumble upon Juice when he first joined the league back in Season 75. I was a rookie AGM for Yukon and we signed Kristof Welch (a dlamb multi) off waivers. He immediately popped in Discord and was like a sponge, totally soaking in all the info we were giving him about how to run your player.  He was off to the races and has went on to be one of the most impressive first gens I've encountered during my time here in the VHL.  On the ice, he has been one of the most dominant and consistent d-men over the past handful of seasons. His last three seasons he has put up over 100 points and he is on pace to do so once again this year. He's one of the best playmaking blueliners in the current generation of VHL players. But aside from all that, he's my bud. We won a cup together in Yukon as management, we scavenged the lands of Tarkov together and he told me he liked the way I smell boi. He even told me about pretzal. Juice is love, Juice is life. Easiest dream team pick I ever made.


@Spartan Alex Letang (D)

504GP- 128G, 439A, 567PTS


The other defensemen on my team will be none other than Alex Letang. Spartan's player broke into the league in Season 73 and was truly a model of consistency for seven seasons. His career has a lot of parallels to Ricer's actually. He spent his first four seasons in Moscow, where he is now the general manager. Unfortunately, also like Ricer, he never was able to win that Continental Cup but that didn't take away from his ability to perform year after year. In addition to impressively being over a point per game as a defenseman in his career, during the latter half of his career he also developed a physical aspect of his game that saw him rack up a ton of hits, which made him a nightmare to match up against. His best season ironically came in Season 79, which was his final year. He popped off putting up 25 goals and 94 assists for 119 points for the LA Stars. That incredible season saw him rack up four individual trophies which is incredibly hard to do. When I was building Scotty Kaberle for my own player, Spartan's player was who I tried to model myself after. So who better to add to my dream team?




@MexicanCow123 Jacob Tonn (G)

342GP 200-104-31, .918 SV%, 2,78 GAA


To round out my dream team, I needed a solid tender to man the crease. This one was an easy choice as well, as Cow is a friend of mine and someone I have been close with since joining the VHL.  Before becoming the VHL's most hated meta-player, Cow played under the guise of Jacob Tonn, an honest, hard working goalie who enjoyed a solid six-year career which included a Continental Cup which he earned in his rookie season as Seattle's backup goalie. He notably also won three straigh Clegane trophies, under two different teams which is pretty impressive. Tonn was one of the most steady goalies during that time and he would make a great choice for my dream team. Aside from the on-ice performance, Cow and I have been homies for quite some time and I would always roll with him. Whether it's my conquest to educate him as much as possible, or our time playing games together, or even just shooting the shit on Discord, Cow will always be one of my closest buds in VHL.



So there you have it! This is my hand-crafted team that I've chosen. Do you hate it? Probably! Let me know how much you hate it down below :) While I have some personal friends on this list, all these players at one point or another were great players in the VHL. I think it would be boring to just go by the absolute best statistical players from a certain timeframe. Maybe when this theme week gets recycled in 10 seasons from now I will have a new dream team with players of the current generation of VHL, but for now this is the squad I'm rolling with!



(1505 words, claiming for three weeks)

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