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Bana Blabs #34: Ukraine Edition


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The Seattle Bears organization has been disgusted and so much more over the last few days as we've all watched an innocent, peaceful and loving country like Ukraine be attacked from all sides in so many different ways. After days, weeks, months and probably years of lying, manipulation and dirty tactics, Russia has conducted an unprovoked, unjustified and barbaric attack on the Ukrainian people and their freedoms. Like most, I and we were not surprised. It wasn't a matter of "IF", but a very unfortunate "WHEN". That happened to be a few days ago and ever since the start, my eyes haven't been able to stay away from that reddit page updates or the news for more than probably 15 minutes max. That Reddit page updates every like 2-5 minutes with information 24 hours a day so it's literally like crack. This stuff fascinates me and is interesting and obviously not in the best of way. How can you note be glued to this and care so much? The horrific videos of the attacks, the sad videos and news of a father hugging his daughter and she boards a train - both sobbing, or the bad ass moments where a Ukrainian woman tells Russian soldiers to put sunflower seeds in their pockets so that when they're put down flowers will grow. What a crazy world we live in. Deep down, I hope Ukraine can do well without any physical, military personnel help from other nations (NATO etc), but if it comes down to it, I REALLY hope we get involved because they don't deserve to be left alone to lose their freedoms and if we don't stop this... where will it end and what does it really say about our governments or us?


  • On the portal, there is 7 players from Ukraine. Of the 7, Seattle has the highest ranked at 571 TPA in Em Em Flex @oilmandan. Two others have had higher TPE and that would be L & R @gorlab/ @Kylrad.
  • My player, Mikhail Kovalchuk, is Russian. This is what he had to say: "I do not stand with my country or Vladimir Putin. Putin is a dirty, POS snake and I hope he gets what he has coming to him. I do not support this war. I do not want this war. I feel so bad for the people of Ukraine. I want to change my citizenship to Ukraine and move there!"
  • I know the VHL is an amazing community that has come together at times to do some amazing things - whether it's Christmas time and we're donating to all our specific causes, bush fires and BC in flames and whatever the case may be.. We always find a way, despite our differences, to come together to bring some good to the community. A small, weird little online hockey league and we find a way to bring some amount of good to other peoples lives. It is my hope that if Ukraine can come out of this okay (we're rooting for you! ZELLENSKKYYYYY), that maybe the idea of us somehow supporting a fund to help those who have been injured, hungry, lost loved ones or displaced from their homes. I don't know - food for thought :) 




War Peace GIF by pinotti

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Sigard Petrenko stands with Mikhail's sentiment. "Ukraine did nothing wrong. People are dying for no plausible reason. It is because of one ill-fitted leader that this is happening. There is no point, no winner, and no justice in war. This bullshit has to stop."


We are watching a great injustice unfold before our eyes and we need to come together and do something- anything- to show our support for Ukraine. I cannot contribute money electronically but I will definitely see if I can donate cash to help the Ukrainian people. This is not a war; this is an uncalled for slaughter with Ukrainians trying to defend themselves.

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Russia has and always will be a bully. They wiped out millions of Ukrainians during the Holodomor and we can only hope this unprovoked attack doesn’t end up as tragically.


Hopefully this isn’t only the beginning. The world did nothing when Germany invaded Poland in 1939, and Hitler decided to see how far he could take it. Hopefully some country or countries do the right thing and step in before it’s too late. 

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