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VSN Presents: S82 VHL Trade Deadline Recap


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Hi everyone and welcome to the S82 VHL trade deadline recap! Here we’ll review all the trades made leading up to the deadline and what they could mean for both teams involved. While you’re here please check out some of the other recent VSN articles below.


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HC Davos Receives:
S84 SEA 3rd


Seattle Receives:
Kunibuni UnGuri @Berocka


This trade really benefits Seattle in the short term giving them a top goalie in the league for their playoff run this season. With Davos, UnGuri had 14 wins, a 0.921 SV%, and a 3.22 GAA in 36 games. Since the trade they have had 4 wins, a 0.906 SV% and a 3.62 GAA in 7 starts. For Davos this trade lets them add a draft pick for the highly anticipated S84 VHL draft for a player that is retiring following this season.


Helsinki Receives:
Jolly Greene Giant @DoktorFunk

S83 LAS 3rd

S84 RIG 1st

S84 RIG 2nd


Riga Receives:

Alex Johnston @Alex


The biggest trade leading up to the deadline saw Riga acquire a former 63 goal-scorer for a consistent roster player in Giant and a lot of future draft picks. In 50 games with Helsinki this season Johnston had 30 goals and 39 assists for 69 points. Additionally Johnston also had 414 shots and 231 hits. Jolly Greene Giant was having a solid season for Riag as well prior to the trade with 13 goals and 20 assists for 33 points in 50 games played. The draft picks do set Helsinki up to have a bright future and they could very well be traded to another team as Helsinki may look to make a playoff push soon.


Prague Receives:

Tynan Slyvester @diamond_ace


Warsaw Receives:

Barron Kruulenstien @LefLop

S84 PRG 2nd


This trade saw two European Conference teams switching defensemen and signals that Warsaw is potentially admitting that they will be missing the playoffs this season as they now sit 5 points back of Malmo. Slyvester was having a good season for Warsaw as they had 13 goals and 27 assists for 40 points in 50 games played, Slyvester also blocked 151 shots for Warsaw this season and currently sits 10th in the league in blocked shots with 155. Kruulenstein on the other hand had 27 points and 108 shots blocked this season for Prague in 49 games. In this trade Prague received another defensemen that will be crucial to them in their upcoming playoff run and Warsaw will now have another 2nd round pick in the S84 draft and have gained a solid defensemen for next season.


New York Receives:

S83 LAS 1st


Los Angeles Receives:

Tavish DeGroot @rory


This trade felt inevitable, coming as no surprise for many in the VHL community. DeGroot is one of the top young defensemen in the league and in return New York received a likely late first round pick in the S83 draft. With New York this season DeGroot has 20 goals and 19 assists, 200 hits, and 146 blocked shots in 52 games. Long Term this trade will surely pay dividends for Los Angeles as Tavish DeGroot is still one of the top players from the S82 VHL draft. 


HC Davos Receives:

Arvid Johansson @Gwdjohnson

S83 LDN 4th


London Receives:

Cabe McJake @Red


This trade is a win for both teams as Davos was able to get a defensemen for next season and a late draft pick for a player that is set to retire following this season. London received a solid defensemen that will surely help them during their upcoming playoff run. This season McJake has 25 goals and 49 points in 54 games this season for Davos. Johansson has had a solid season for London as well with 25 points in 54 games played.


Thank you for tuning into this season’s VHL trade deadline recap! Who do you think won each trade? Let us know in the comments below!

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