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Games: 530-544

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GM 533 Recap Davos vs Prauge


Davos trying to get a grip on the season again as they are just skidding along and not really doing anything super impressive, but they are in a rebuilding phase so it does make some sense so lets not be too harsh on them, they wanted a moral victory today and they got that in a way with there goalie having a Sv% above 900 in a loss with 3gaa hint they lost 3-1 sadly but I would consider that a much needed moral victory for davos! My first star of the game goes to AJ Williams of the stars with 1 Goal and 1 Assist for 2 overall points!

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9 minutes ago, JardyB10 said:

What a wild game. London goes up 5-0 in the first half, Malmo ties it in the next half, then London goes up with just over 3 minutes left. Plus I got to fight @Moon

LMFAO!!! Of course the one person I fight is you

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Game 530 Recap


In Game 530 of the VHL, we have a match up between the Toronto Legion and the Seattle Bears. If we are score board watching we might say that we have a very nice competitive, high scoring and entertaining game, but for all those who were watching the game. We all know who should have won the game and how the game was stolen from Seattle Bears' paws.


Toronto's Oskar Lindbergh @Doomsday "the Devil's visage 666 TPA" stole the game for the Legion with an incredible 57 saves effort! A big slap in the face for the VHL 3 Stars of the Game as Oskar Lindbergh definitely deserved 1st star of the game! 


We had a 5 goal first period with Seattle taking a 3-2 lead after the first period. Seattle doubled Toronto in shots with 20 in the period. 5 different goal scorers scored, with Justin Lose @youloser1337 opening the scoring at 1:42 into the game. Toronto and Seattle trade goals in quick succession at 4:56, 5:20 and  14:00, 16:43 respectively.


We don't get anymore goals until a fury of then in the third period, where the Legion scores 2 in less than three minutes (5:07, 7:52) and Seattle tying the game at 4 - 4 a minute and a half later (9:23). 


Toronto wins it at 1:35 in the OT with a goal from Matty Fire @MattyFired. Final Shot Count Toronto 31 Seattle 61. Final Score Toronto 5 Seattle 4.


5 - 4 Legion Wins. 

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Game 535: Helsinki Titans vs. Chicago Phoenix 

A backup game for both teams that went about as poorly as it could have for Helsinki. At just 18:37 of the first period Xavier Booberry entered the game as Helsinki’s bot backup was pulled. He allowed 3 goals on 15 shots. Helsinki scored a single goal in the first and it ended 3-1. In the second Chicago once again opened the scoring, but Booberry stopping the bleeding there and allowed nothing past him the rest of the game. Helsinki responded with a goal in the late second and one early in the third, but Chicago held on to take it 4-3 in just their sixth win of the season.


Game 542: London United vs. Malmo Nighthawks 

London and Malmo faced off in a game that didn’t mean much for playoff implications on London’s end, as they look like a lock for first. However, Malmo is still fighting for a wildcard spot. They are currently in 4th but Moscow and Warsaw remain within 2 points of them. To open the scoring London scored 5 straight goals, with Malmo unable to respond until a little over halfway through the second period. Heading into the third period with a 5-1 lead, the United pulled a Toronto Maple Leafs and Malmo came roaring back with 4 straight goals to tie it. It was all for nothing however as Juice Box scored for London in the late third and the London United took it 6-5 in regulation.

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Game recap #535 Helsinki Titans - Chicago Phoenix :


The game between the Titans and the Phoenis finished by the score of 4-3 for the Chicago Phoenix. Before continuing, I nmeed to mention that this game was only the 6th win of Chicago. Indeed, the Chicago Phoenix are last in the league with only 17 points in 67 games. However, Sportsboy57 @Sportsboy57from the Chicago Phoenix played and incredible game as he participated to every single goals of his team. He had 3 assists and the game winning goal in the second period. Sunrise van de Schubbekuteveen and Owen Taylor also had a good game with 3 points each for Chicago.

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