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  1. For week ending December 5th 2021!! 1. We started off a little slow, but now we are starting to roll, do you think this will keep up? ***Toronto is rolling for now, yeah. Stockholm seems to be doing pretty well also. 2. We recently picked up a back up goalie, do you think this gives us the push to be a top team again? ***You guys already are a top team, but nothing wrong with reinforcing the backup goalie position. 3. Are you happy with your players point total? do you feel like you are contributing even if you lack points? (remember points do not mean anything) ***Yeah I'm pretty satisfied with my player, I don't think anything is wrong with him. 4. Are you happy that the season is finally happening? ***Yeah, felt like it was a long offseason. 5. Is there any team you think will be our rivals this season? ***The team that's ahead of you is your rival, but long-term it's too soon to tell who will be a thorn in your side. 6. Do you have a player rival in the VHLE as of right now? ***Never played a VHLE game, but as for a rival in the VHL, I didn't have any before. This season I have many rivals.
  2. Review time. Not sure why theres a file explorer error message at the top left but I'll ignore that. Good job with the dual-render idea. It looks a bit weird that the player in the background seems a bit too blurred compared with the front one. The effects looks pretty cool, the background is a nice and subtle touch, and the color scheme makes it interesting. Florida Florida Florida Man text looks cool, but somewhat redundant to type it three times. 7.5/10
  3. Review time I'm not sure how much experience you have at making graphics, but if this is a first try, it's pretty good! Nice job experimenting with some filters and effects. Text placement is alright but you could have found a better spot perhaps. With some trial and error you'll see what works and find your style. 7/10
  4. 1. After two overtime losses to start the season, Toronto has won four games in a row. What led to the big turnaround? We came together and dominated at all ends of the rink. Most of us are young players, so we have an opportunity to grow together. 2. The Legion have a lot of rookie players making major contributions early this season, who do you think has the best shot at the Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy? Kyle Peace, Harkat Mulds, Oskar Lindbergh and Otto Numminen have all been important players so far. 3. GM Rylan @Peace made several moves over the off-season, which one do you feel will have the biggest impact for Toronto? I dont really know, mostly just drafting the right players and working hard to get all on the same page. 4. Which VHL team do you think has looked the most dangerous so far? Us of course. We are to feared now and for a long time. 5. You can add one VHL player of your choice to Toronto this season, who would it be and why? Isabella Campell. It's her last season so she could help bring us along and show us how to win more games. 6. What's your favorite appetizer? Mozzarella sticks and arancini with marinara sauce, also snail with garlic butter and cheese au gratin!
  5. Remove my roles.

    1. Domino


      sorry matty but you kinda deserved it

      wish you the best of luck irl

    2. JardyB10
    3. Banackock
  6. FOR WEEK ENDING NOV 21, 2021 1. What is your player doing this offseason? Plotting his next move... training hard after a hiatus from too much being on Fire... 2. does your player have any offseason hobbies? if so what are they? Yeah. Training hard and playing chess. It's a physical and mental game. 3. Where does your player live during the offseason? With his mentor, former VHL dman James Rose. He stayed in the Cayman Islands for the offseason. 4. Does your player play any other sports during the offseason? If chess and video games are a sport, then yeah. 5. What are some goals you have for this season you have coming up? Be more on fire and blaze through the schedule with his fellow Legion. 6. What is your players favourite offseason food to eat? Brownies and Lebanese style chicken.
  7. Review time! Great concept and nice execution. For a first timer trying new things, awesome result! Keep it up! Two tone red and grey theme is always slick and tbh it's one of my faves. Nice text manipulation too! I'm taking into account you're a beginner when I grade this: Solid 10/10
  8. Amazing idea Vice! Love the player on the throne, it looks seamless. Very regal take on the overall design and font design. I'm happy for you bud! Good luck with your new position! 8.5/10
  9. Cadmael Ixazaluoh has reached 250 tpe. 4 uncapped for me!
  10. Hi Kaleeb! If you want some 2nd line minutes at center, come to Houston! Quote with a HORNSUP baby! Grats on Grachevs career btw
  11. Hi dlamb! It's only fair that you join my team after I joined yours In all seriousness, we have some 2nd line minutes for you if you're interested. Quote with a HORNSUP if you're down to come over!
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