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The Evil French-Canadian


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Since I'm discouraging every GFX designer on earth (ask Kendrick) , I'll show you how shit I was when I first started.

Backstory here, I was 17 years old when I started. I started with Photoshop, I never went to any other software. I started on a website called "PSTUTO" which was linked to french sim leagues at the time. They were a great community and not only focused on hockey and they helped me a lot when I first started. Lets take a look at my first sigs (not even my first, just the oldest I could find on my computer)


RdnhbuB.png <----- Tuts





uDyNeLb.png <----- Tuts



So today I'm 20 years old, soon 21. I pretty much made sig whenever I wanted because I wasn't stressed over "missing a Point Task" or anything (I wasn't on sim league). I just opened Photoshop whenever I was inspired. My point is, sometime, in my comments, I could sound harsh, and to be honest, I'm not even mad to sound like that. First, since English isn't my first language, sometime I want to explain some shits and it turns like actual shit However, most of the time, I'll try to give some tips on how to improve. But why being harsh doesn't bother me ? Well, because I learned this way. I'm not saying this type of bullshit like "beating your kid you'll get them straight" (plz Kendrick, don't etiquette me as a kid beater) type of argument here, I'm saying knowing your weakness is the first step of improving.  Jake the Dog explains it very well.




In psychology, the domain where I study, there's the famous sandwich type of feedback you give to someone. You start with a compliment, then you go with the negative feedback you want to give and finally, you go with a positive feedback. So that's why basic bitches be talking shit and be saying that you have nice hair at the end of the discussion.


I'm actually here to give you feedback and tips. Sometime, to be honest, I don't feel like giving tons of constructive comments and I just don't comment your artwork. But when I do, most of the time, I'll give you positive comments. 


I'll give you an example. My friend, Mr.Baller, has approx. be doing sig at the same time that I started and even to this day, I say to him that his font straight sucks. He's a friend on mine and there's no way I want to be rude to him, that's is the way it is. At some point, I gave him feedback and some aspects of his graphical design to improve and he was still doing the same mistake over and over, which is really discouraging for someone who tries to help. At some point, he saw me doing my fonts and he learned this way. He still does some mistakes in his font game, but at least, I see an improvement and a will to improve, which is encouraging. I know most of you is doing sigs just for fun or just a sim league, I first started like that. But since I enjoyed doing it, why not trying to improve at this point ? I know you probably don't want to become graphic designer in real life, but you'll be receiving critics for the rest of your life and I think it's only motivation to go forward and improve.


I don't consider myself as a mastermind or something. Everyday, I'm still learning new things on Photoshop. I recently learned different lightning techniques (thanks to Brandon and Beketov) and now I'm applying it to my graphical artworks. I would like to give you tips all day long, but I can't. Improving is a long process and you need to practice and be open good and bad feedback. 


The only tip I could give you today is : Be creative. Personally, I've been influenced by many people. Their artworks were so amazing, my goal was actually to be able to be as creative or as good as they are. But creativity, no matter where it is (music, poetry, art) is so important and I think this might be the best tip I can give you : Go out of your comfort zone. It will be tough and you'll probably be discouraged at some point, but gosh, it could be self rewarding when it's done.


I hope you guys won't bug on every grammatical mistakes that I did. I'm actually pretty bad at french too so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



me no habla espognol 


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Honestly, I've never even seen this supposed harshness that you're referring to. You're blunt, but it's not harsh, it's you being helpful and I respect that far more than someone trying to sugar coat their advice. We can't get everywhere in life just being nice or trying not to hurt feelings, and I commend you on everything you do.

Some people just like to take shit WAY too personally. I know I have and do sometimes. Yet even myself in all my butthurt glory have never taken offense to any advice you've given me or anyone else.

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Feel free to tear apart my sigs any time you like. You always have the best criticism, and I definitely think I've gotten way better at graphics because of your influence.

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Only just got around to reading this essay of a GFX post and am mostly just curious what lighting techniques I taught you haha. If anything i;ve found that I've been trying to emulate your tactics for most things in my work.

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When I first came around I was called an asshole for giving feedback. It's not allowed here. Most people don't operate like a designer does, that's just how it works. That's why I mostly stay out of it and don't offer anything anymore. 


1. Most people don't understand how to give constructive feedback, truly being helpful without being a dick.

2. Most people can't take constructive feedback when its actually given (without being a dick).

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