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S35 Super Cup General Managers


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The regular season is almost over so it's time to get ready for the inaugural VHL Super Cup! We need 6 GMs so apply below by filling out this form:


Team Name: *

* - Pick a team name based on the list provided below. It can be as generic as Team Shirokov or something more creative as long as it includes their last name.
Below is a list of Hall of Famers who retired before or during Season 10 and don't have awards named after them. Brett Slobodzian, Scott Boulet, Christian Stolzschweiger, Scotty Campbell, Sterling Labatte, Mike Szatkowski, Dustin Funk, and Devon Marlow-Marta are thus not included. You may click on the links if you want to read their HOF articles.

Petr Shirokov

Matthew Pogge

Maxim Desny

Alex McNeil

Joey Kendrick

Adrian McCreath

Matt Defosse

Patrice Reynaud

Brannan Anthony

David Night

Branden Snelheid

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Username: +Minus
Position: Defense
TPE: 323 and counting (waiting for graders :/)
Team Name: Shirokov Not Stirred

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Username: Green
Position: G
TPE: 857
Team Name: The McCreathEaters



* sidenote: EU timezone - cant draft at nights, how will the draft be handled? Offline forum draft ?

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