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A Peak Inside The BoG - Potential Player Build Changes?


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The BoG has been debating some player build/update scale changes over the last little while as we feel there could be some room not just to improve the structure to allow some more flexibility, but to also put a renewed focus on the people who earn PT's every week, while slightly separating the gap between the half and half welfare players and primary welfare players and the super actives. There have been several proposed plans/changes, and I welcome those in the BoG who have had some good ones to post theirs in here. For now I'm going to post my proposed changes, which keep in mind is only one of the ones we have been discussing. As the conversation has started to grow in the BoG I figured some league feedback on a wider scale would be useful not just for my own changes but for any of the ones we have proposed. So I do encourage other BoG members who have suggested changes to get on in here and give it a post. 


Here is my proposed player build changes.


Primary Attributes update at the following scale, 40-70 1 TPE per point, 70-80 2 TPE per point, 80-90 4 TPE per point, 90-99 6 TPE per point. (It would take 144 TPE to get an attribute at primary to 99. Not impossible, but in order to get all of these attributes to 99 a player would need at least 576 TPE. That is assuming they spend no other points on other attributes, seems realistic and not at all harsh to me. Your TPE whores will be the ones who have all of these maxed quickly, otherwise most people are waiting at least 3 seasons in before you see 99's all of these.) 


List of Primary Attributes: 






Secondary Attributes update at the current scale we operate at now. 40-70 1 TPE per point, 70-80 2 TPE per point, 80-90 3 TPE per point, 90-99 4 TPE per point. (Pretty self explanatory here, our update scale now allows for flexibility. Even with the increase to primary attributes, a welfare player could still get a primary attribute to at 90's and still focus on a secondary. Especially since the primary attributes actual harsher scale doesn't really kick in until 80-90, and even then it's not really noticeable until 90.)


List of Secondary Attributes: 



Puck Handling



Specialty Attributes update at the following scale 40-80 1 TPE per point, 80-90 2 TPE per point, 90-99 3 TPE per point. (Reasons for this, these attributes aren't completely meaningless but lets be realistic. They aren't impact changers. They are for flavor, to target specific awards or when you have an over abundance of TPE. The relative cheapness of these attributes should make them a bit more enticing for people on the edge about experimenting with different player builds, or for TPE whores with a bit of extra TPE to spend after beefing up those attributes.)


List of Specialty Attributes: 




Penalty Shot



Feel free to dissect, complain, agree, disagree, etc in here. Let's get the feedback rolling on this because there is a group among the Blue Team and the BoG who feel like some type of change to this, whether big or small is something we need to truly consider. Thanks for reading. 

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I mean, I wouldn't be opposed to this change. I just don't like the three different categories for the attributes, even though it makes sense. :P I'd love to see those other suggestions to see which I like best.

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  • Commissioner

What about goalies? Or is this just for skaters? We arguably have 6 major categories with 1-2 lesser ones. I have 500 TPE and am not at over 90 in any category.

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On 30/08/2016 at 1:02 PM, Beketov said:

What about goalies? Or is this just for skaters? We arguably have 6 major categories with 1-2 lesser ones. I have 500 TPE and am not at over 90 in any category.

FYI FWIW STHS defines Style Control, Hand Speed, and Reaction Time as primary save making attributes, and Skating, Size, and Agility as secondary. Then Rebound Control is self-explanatory. 


But this is probably just for skaters. 

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Yeah we would have to determine goalies separate, and I think it may be wise to let them stay as they are to see how that changes how good goalies are going to be based on the TPE they are earning. But as Jardy just stated you could adopt a similar system on goalies, with the attribute scales obviously differing as there would be different primary attributes.


For the record for anyone confused as well, the only reason the four primary attributes for skaters are as they are, is because you can't have a good player if you don't update any of them. Not unless of some fluke or miracle. Skating is pretty much mandatory to do anything other than get PIMs in the sim. Even then I'd be ta 99 skating 99 checking 99 fighting would get more PIMs than a 99 checking 99 fighting. As such, every single member is going to invest points into at least one, if not all four of the primary attributes. Considering they are so pivotal, and we have so many members regardless of activity levels at high totals for those attributes, it just makes sense to make them harder to max out imo. The reduction in the speciality attributes just flows nicely and with the addition of second players I think we'll see a lot more of those welfare TPE's one of them are earning thrown towards some more unique choices.


And granted this is just my opinion, but it looks just like a only win scenario from my perspective. We don't corrupt our idea of player builds, it stays full in tact. We address the issue between semi welfare players and super actives, especially super active first gens, by putting a slight gap, and giving a tiny advantage to those who earn more. All the while we should see as a consequence some more variety in players built coupled with the two player system which I know some are not a fan of as is anyways. But we are here, we may as well try to make this all the work the best we can. The more we say "there is zero issues with our update scale completely" especially when @Draper is releasing some alarming statistics on how many users invest heavily into those primary attributes, and how even those who claim welfare find they run out of things to update, or don't even have to worry about it because it's all attributes that mean less. Our system right now absolutely encourages as little PT as possible, just do a few out with a job or some upgrade in the store and then welfare your way to seasons end. There is nothing wrong with that, but if we want to encourage new members to be active we should probably make sure that straight up activity is still the best and straightest path to building elite level players. 

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