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The Mastermind Behind The ThreePeat - Max Molholt [Reviewed]


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The Mastermind Behind The Threepeat - Max Molholt

Written by Denise22

This Article Has Nothing To Do With @Kendrick



We are now about half a season removed from history. That history of course, was the Toronto Legion winning three straight Continental Cup Championships. It was a feat that had never before been accomplished in the VHL's 50 season history. Despite the grumbling about lack of league parity, something the league strongly prided itself on for most of the post S40 era, there was a sense of wonder about the feat that gave the Legion and this run a certain aura. The fact that it happened on the celebratory 50th season as well, adds to the legacy. However whenever people talk about the "Threepeat" and what it means for the league there are names that certainly get overshadowed. Mostly because of the fact that now retired, legendary goalie, Hans Wingate playfully referred to as "Wingod" dominated much of the discussion around the Legions success. He won so many individual awards, and was probably the biggest reason for that teams success. But that isn't to say that no other names are responsible, if anything there is a name probably most responsible. That name of course, is none other than Max Molholt.


Despite only winning a single GM of the year award in his tenure, Molholt should deserve full credit and dues for building a club that was capable of accomplishing this amazing feat. Lets not forget this was the same Molholt whom when he took over as Legion GM had serious work to do to build a club capable of winning, much less winning a historic three straight. There were many, myself included, who at the time questioned if Moltholt would be another in a long list of transitional GM's after a few seasons. But he did more than just change expectations, Molholt now is a name one could argue sits among the tops for all time VHL GM's. I remember a large group of proven members were stepping down from GM and other pivotal roles around the league, there was a call to see new faces step in, and push the league forward. Molholt arose as an early candidate responsible for that. Part of that was just due to his activity and engagement in the league. He went hard earning TPE early on his career, was engaging in and creating side activities such as the VHL wrestling,  was a member and briefly editor of the VHL Magazine, remains a prominent member of the graphic presence on the league, and even spear headed new ideas such as the Two Player system we now see implemented. But his tenure was even more than all of that. His biggest strength was creating a atmosphere around the Legion that people wanted to be apart of, one that began to developer a solid pedigree of prominent players and ultimately, winning. It's weird in a way to be writing about Molholt now, given the circumstances in which I agreed to write this. But what makes it weird isn't that I agreed to write this based on him guessing some lame scrub puzzle I put in a Fan590. No it's that despite that, I feel like for many reasons this is actually an important piece to write about. Molholt is now beginning to wind down on this player and this career, and his league involvement has gone down. However this stretch of activity, engagement, and quality GM tenure should serve as a reminder to all members. You don't have to be engaged for years and years on end to make history in this league. All it takes often times is one stretch, with a good team and a good group of members, and boom. (No pun intended @boom)


Perhaps one of the reasons Molholt didn't win more than one GM of the year is due to the limited moves done. He traded for Wingate, drafted well and built a very good core. However it's easy to forget that Molholt added pieces when needed. Probably most notable was the trade at the 50 deadline for Edwin Reencarnacion. It was a risky deal, especially considering the team had already won back to back and was the first team to do so in 20 seasons. But Molholt stayed the course, believed in his team, and success followed. It's easy to forget that a more "suave" GM probably would of rebuilt the moment they won two straight. I mean it's easy to see a world where a GM trades Parechkin, Wingate, etc for high value and gets a huge start on a new rebuild. But Molholt didn't need any more evidence to prove that his current team and core were more capable of winning than whatever he had going for him in the future. And just like that we find ourselves in a world with a team that won three straight championships. That type of move takes confidence in your group, and sure a bit of risk taking. But what is the old adage with risks? If they pay off you look great, and that pretty much sums up my entire thoughts on Molholt as GM. He took some very calculated risks, but they all paid off, and all we are left with is a legendary era for his team. 


But what about Max Molholt, the player? It's another excellent question and a series of points needs to be made about actual career of the player at the heart of this run. Max Molholt will probably forever be known as the most prominent forward to never really be recognized for his excellence. At least until now. It was impossible to give credit to a constantly solid forward core in Toronto when "Wingod" was tearing a path on his way to fighting for a spot as the best goalie in VHL history. But that doesn't mean Molholt doesn't stand out for several different reasons. For starters, with a season and change left in his career Molholt is inching closer and closer to the 1000 TPE mark. While several players and members have made that feat, it's still a feat worthy of accomplishing in this league, even if TPE means less than it used to. And while he only currently has 3 individual awards worth writing home about, S46 Kevin Brooks Trophy, S49 Mike Szatkowski Trophy, and S49 Alexander Beketov Trophy, the reality is we are looking at a player who is very likely to make the Hall of Fame. Max was a prominent player from the moment his VHL career started in S45, and despite his 101 point rookie season, which is tied for 14th in terms of best rookie seasons in VHL history I might add, he lost out on the Top Rookie award to a rather solid if slightly pedestrian season by Greg Clegane. More notable than the 101 points however, was the 52 goals in his rookie campaign. That is the 5th best goal total of any rookie in history as well, and is really only two goals off the second best goal total among rookies all time, as Jardy and Zoidberg hold a two way tie on second place with 54. 


The early success was simply a sign of things to come for Molholt, and while he has less prominent seasons, with 83 points in Season 50 and 89 in Season 47, he still has 4 more seasons where he posted over 100 points. He has never posted less than 40 goals, in fact his 40 goals in Season 50 is the worst mark of his career. He has posted over 60 goals once, and over 50 twice. Molholt has constantly been a prominent goal scorer throughout his entire career. That level of consistency has led to some impressive all time stats for Molholt, and it's important here to remember that he still has one full season left after this one. But as of this writing, here are his entire career stats, and I'll make some notes about where he could finish on some all time lists regarding certain things after.


Max Molholt Career Stats


Regular Season

Games Played: 468

Goals: 326

Assists: 373

Points: 699

Hits: 430

Shots: 3281

Shots Blocked: 443

GWG: 53



Games Played: 44

Goals: 21

Assists: 31

Points: 52


Including the 36 games played this season, Max's current goal total sits 33rd all time. Considering he has a season and a half left, considering his current goal totals and the fact that Molholt is good for at least 40 goals a season, a safe assumption would be that in the remainder of his career he'll finish with another roughly another 60 goals. If he can even do just that, your looking at an all time top ten goal scorer. Even at his current total at 33rd all time, his results from just this season he displaced VHL legend Leeroy Jenkins. That doesn't even account for the fact that if he has a stellar season 52, he could very well displace Jarvis Baldwin or Vlodomyr Ryback in the Top 10 in terms of all time goal scorers. Baldwin sits with 397, Ryback with 398 and Max is only 71 goals shy of that. With 36 games to play in Season 51, and another 72 in Season 52. Impossible it is not, especially if Molholt throws down another 50-60 goal season in 52, or turns it on even more late this season. Ultimately 400 career goals a feat accomplished by only 4 other players is not out of the realm of possibility.

That doesn't even factor in points. Max Molholt is at 699 career points now, will obviously pass the 700 mark and considering even in his worst seasons he still pots at least 80 points, the reality is Molholt is going to be a over 800 point player in his career. The 900 point mark seems a bit too far for him to accomplish, however how far above 800 he goes is going to really determine his overall standing. As of now his 699 points ties him for 50th best in VHL history. Depending on how he finishes out his last season, Molholt is on pace to for sure place among the top 20 in points all time, with a chance to crack the Top 15 list. And while they may be less meaningful statistics, Max is very likely to top both the top 20's of total shots, and game winning goals. He's already in the Top 30ish for shots on net, and the Top 40 for game winning goals. But those margins get a lot more closer the more you climb up the lists, something he has been doing season after season.


Molholt was also a solid contributer in the playoffs. It's easy to overlook players in terms of playoff production if they aren't winning the coveted Playoff MVP award, however Molholts consistency in the post season is a big reason his team was so successful. It was that type of consistency that kept the forward group on pace with other teams, and allowed the teams edge of Hans Wingate to really take over games and series. 


When I began looking at the stats, comparing it to all time lists and trying to gauge exactly where Max was, I already felt like he was probably a star power player who was overshadowed by Wingate. Going in the impression I had was that Molholt is likely a HoF, maybe a first ballot depending on his last few seasons. However after looking at it further I realize that in all likelihood we have a sure fire first ballot Hall of Fame player on our hands here. One that no doubt was overshadowed by Wingate, and one who if all goes well for him in his final season could be one of the most prominent and consistent VHL goal scorers in league history. When you factor all that in with the success of the Legion, the success he had as GM, the Threepeat, and the fleeting chance at a fourpeat. The list just goes on it seems, and Max Molholt both the member and the player deserve some serious well earned recognition for everything accomplished. I look forward to seeing just where he stands as a player once his eight seasons are up, and seeing his total stats when it comes time to put him into the HoF. More than that, I think I can credit Molholt for transforming the Legion, from a team similar to Seattle one that won occassionaly, but never really pushed through that thin barrier into one of the top elite teams. Where as now I see the Legion no different than Davos, Helsinki, New York, or Calgary. One of the teams you think about who had just era's of pure dominance, centered around players the caliber of Hans Wingate, and Max Molholt. 



*Editors Note: I know @Molholt I said I'd do 3000 words but even I am struggling with that. :P But come on, over 2100 words...that is as good as it's going to get. If I was closer to 3K I would probably find a way to throw filler in, but the thought of going through another 900+ words.*

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I won 2 GMotY awards. :P


Everything else was solid. I should probably blow the team up next season and leave Max in Toronto to have another one of those, all alone, 100 point seasons to push for records ha


Now I just gotta make this whole thing my sig...

Edited by Molholt
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2 hours ago, Molholt said:

I won 2 GMotY awards. :P


Everything else was solid. I should probably blow the team up next season and leave Max in Toronto to have another one of those, all alone, 100 point seasons to push for records ha


Now I just gotta make this whole thing my sig...

just straight up copy pasta this whole thing into your sig word for word

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Review: Good article about a truly excellent member and player. This one was long but I enjoyed getting to read the long list of accomplishments for Mr. Molholt. Kinda sad i wasn't involved with the league during that time because what he and the Toronto Legion did was special. The Grammar was very good. Good job.

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