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S58 Trivia Week 1 Results


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1 correct answer = 1 capped TPE + 1 point on S50 leaderboard
2 correct answers = 1 capped TPE + 2 points on S50 leaderboard



REMINDER: No question ever asked in VHL Trivia requires the use of season indexes.



1.Only two players have over 800 points and 2000 hits.  Who are they? - Leeroy Jenkins and Lord Karnage


2. Who was the first ever selection in a Super Cup draft?  - Ethan Osborne


3. Where was the "Short Bus" franchise originally located? Hamilton


123b. Name 3 of the original VHLM teams. Brampton Battalion / Fresno Bulls / Gothenburg Eagles / Jonkoping Warriors / Minot Gladiators / Ottawa Ice Dogs / Toledo Scorpions / Vasteras IK J20



1 TPE for Questions

@der meister


@Quik x2


1 TPE for answers

@Quik (2)

@CowboyinAmerica (2)

@Velevra (2)

@KGR (2)

@Boragina (2)

@bukss_a (2)

@RadulovsFirstBeer (2)

@Smarch (2)

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