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New Mag Era Arrives [1/2]


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So if you have not heard that I am the new mag editor then you must live under a rock. How’s that going for you? Is it rocky? Do you live between a rock and a hard place? Anyways… moving on. I am the new Mag Editor so deal with it. I know for some of you it will be hard to grasp because my lack of caring to edit anything I have ever written. To be honest I don’t even think I will edit the articles much. I would like to keep it raw. By raw I mean unfiltered and unfucked with articles. I want my writers to feel like they can say what they want to say without fear that it will be edited out. Sure I will read the articles and make sure they actually make sense and they are not garbage. That’s what an editor does. It’s called quality control.


But what are my plans for the mag as a whole? Well that could get into a very long explanation that honestly I do not have time for and do not care to explain to you people. All you need to know as of right now is that.


Brand New Mag: By this I mean it’s rebranded. Its cooler, better, sleeker, something the league can be proud of. Sure it will be way more edgy then before but the league must have known that I will not run a “standard” mag. That’s way too fucking boring. I don’t want to get into specifics because that would ruin the surprise. But I can say that people will be pleasantly surprised.


Changes to changes just to change: You know what I mean but also are confused by what I am saying. Think about it this way. In recent seasons the league has made changes all around. Sometimes I feel it’s because they feel they need to and others just to make it appear they care and they think changes need to be made. Well guess what? I am making MASSIVE changes to the mag. Gone are the days of VHLM articles. That has no place in my edition of my sleeker mag. Sure if someone wants to apply as a writer to write about the VHLM they can. But it will not be “featured” you will have to wait and see what I mean by “featured”


Hype Train: So remember all the hype I used to put behind my free agency and then on a grander scale my season as Vegas GM? Well multiply that by a million. The mag will the hype the shit out of “good teams” and talk about the players that you work hard to make good. Old mags failed because they focused on league happenings and boring shit. People want to read about their players. Good or bad. Well guess what? The player and team hype is fucking coming like a Tsunami. If you don’t like it then tie a boulder to your foot. The mag will be a unstoppable hype machine that you will know when new shit has been posted. Not only will you know about it, you will want to read it because it will be entertaining to read. That’s all for now. Go Eagles! Fuck Brady! Don’t get me wrong great QB. But! Always has been on a stacked team. Which makes it easy to inflate his stats. Manning set records playing for teams with questionable D and other players. He didn’t have a shot every year to win a Super Bowl like Brady has. Yet set a ton of records. See! Look what I just did there. Started controversy with a little statement. Enjoy!

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Review: It's great that someone wanted to step up and handle this. I know you had hinted at it many of season ago and the blue team was just stubborn and didn't give in to it. Let's hope things work out in the long run and we can have you stick around long term on what could be a great new thing for the league.

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