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VHL Cup Finals, GM 5: Davos vs. Toronto

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I told you what happens with a 3-1 deficit


And I told you, that died out seasons ago. Two series went 3-1 in the Conference Finals and the team up by 3 won each time. Oddly enough both on game six. Ready for the threepeat? Here it comes.......LEGOD! 

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As a matter of fact we haven't seen a team pull of the 3-1 upset in several seasons. On top of the other two series this season that won after being up 3-1, S35 Cologne beat Davos after going up 3-1 and Quebec beat Calgary after going up 3-1. Calgary did push it to game 7, but they still lost. In season 34, Quebec went down 3-1 to Calgary and Calgary won in 7. 


You have to go all the way back to S33 to find the last 3-1 upset win. When Calgary took a 3-1 lead over the Americans only to be upset in game 7 and Riga upset Davos after being down 3-1. So S34, S35, and now S36 since we've seen a 3-1 upset win. It doesn't happen anymore. The sim has had it's fun with comebacks and now the best teams is winning every series. Which means Davos has already lost.



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