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S67 Group 9 VHFL Draft


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6. @PenKnight

The list after the randomizer is done, it is a snake draft so it'll be starting with @Smarch 12-hour time limits per pick, move on after that, don't wait for me or anyone else. If someone has missed 2 picks in a row they will be disqualified and I will finish drafting their team.



F - Borwinn
F - Dragomir
F - Madden
D - Crosby
D - Wilson
G - Pepper



F - Cast
F - Arroya
F - Ironside
D - Kovalchuk
D - Malenko
G - Kingfisher



F - Thompson
F - Randoms
F - King
D - Montgomery
D - Sullivan Jr
G - Kristers



F - Davis
F - Bailey
F - Twinger
D - Mcwolf
D - Destructicus
G - Wahl



F - Louth
F - Dahlberg
F - Svodoba
D - Jerwa
D - Tzuyu
G - Rift




F - Peace
F - Mars
F - 
D - Kastelic
D - Glade
G - Davison

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54 minutes ago, PenKnight said:


I already picked this player up awhile back...   @street

Huh, only defenseman pick that I missed when looking to see who was gone. Was surprised he hadn't been picked, but I guess that explains that. In that case..

D - Joseph McWolf


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