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S67 Group 11 VHFL Draft


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1. @Josh.

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4. @Dalton Wilcox

5. @Cornholio

6. @Peace

The list after the randomizer is done, it is a snake draft so it'll be starting with @Josh. 12-hour time limits per pick, move on after that, don't wait for me or anyone else. If someone has missed 2 picks in a row they will be disqualified and I will finish drafting their team.



F - Matt Thompson
F - Ryuu Crimson

F - Julius Freeman

D - Maxim Kovalchuk

D - Elasmobranch Fish
G - JB Rift



F - Julian Borwinn
F - Leph Twinger

F - Elias Dahlberg

D - Sidney Crosby

D - 
G - Tristan Iseult



F - Beau Louth
F - Rauno Palo

F - Veran Dragomir

D - Joseph Mcwolf

D - 
G - Brick Wahl 


@Dalton Wilcox

F - Jake Davis
F - Sebastian Ironside

F - Matthew Materazo

D - Dan Montgomery

D - Jerry Garcia
G - Kallis Kriketers



F - Podrick Cast 
F - Hunter Hearst Helmsley 

F - Pat Svoboda 

D - Shawn Glade

D - Jesse Wilson
G - Alexander Pepper




F - Rylan Peace 
F - Oyorra Arroyo

F - John Madden

D - Ryan Kastelic

D - Tzuyu
G - Finn Davison

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4 minutes ago, Dalton Wilcox said:

Ah, my bad. misunderstood Peace's post.


If Corn doesn’t pick someone I’m eleven hours it will be your turn. Haha


Just meant keep an eye on it. 

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