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Elmebeck biography outline interview [to be submitted to editor] [2/2]


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INTERVIEWER: So Fred, can I call you Fred or do you prefer Fredrik? How did you start in hockey and how did you get to VHLM?

FREDRIK ELMEBECK: Shall we begin like David Copperfield? I was born, I grew up... Or shall we begin when I was born to becoming Ymer... as I call it.

INT: Ymer? One of the ice giants in Norse mythology? [incredulous] That was your goal? 

FE: All children, except one, grow up. I knew the first time I saw the Scandinavian National Team playing I wanted to be there, and I wanted to be just as good, or better than players there. I kind of hung on to that ice giant tale to remind me what I aimed for. Perhaps childish, but it has helped me along the way.

INT: Let's start where you grew up and how you got into hockey.

FE: Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the north-western-eastern southern Sweden, where a small unregarded little town called Motala lies. And I started in an even smaller place south east of there, population 23. My family had a farm and how I first got on skates was my father watering a ten by ten meter area on a nearby field in the winter, me and my brother stumbling around on it in way too big skates.

INT: And you started playing with a local team when?

FE: Probably only by 9. We had to sell the farm and move in to the town, but that also gave us access to the local rink. And during winters we even had ice for PE at school. But yeah, I may have joined Motala Galloping Donkeys by 11, but started skating regularly by 9-ish.

INT: And those years from, say 12 to 16, before you joined a national league team as a youth, tell me a bit about those years.

FE: It was both the best of times, and it was the worst of times. When I first got there my skating was so bad they had me as replacement goalie during practices, just for the team to train slap shots on. So I quickly realized I need to learn to skate a bit better, show I could handle the puck better, just not to be in that position. I am a bit weird, but I am not goalie crazy. [laughs]

INT: And you started your first season as a left wing?

FE: Yes, once I got the trust from coach to actually play it was as a winger, and left mainly because I shot right-handed. As the season progressed I think, maybe because I was not yet very confident, that I was always covering backwards. We probably had 3 D's on the line at times. [laughs] Sometimes perhaps to the detriment of our offensive. So I would say about a third into the season he moved me to left D.

INT: You had an interesting save with a backwards pass that was about to score in you junior season finals that year, a puck jumped by your defensive partner with the goalie out of the net and you saved it basically on the goal line. How did you handle the local fame from that after your team won the championship, basically from that?

FE: The people to defend from is anybody who's going to score, no matter which side he is on. The fame has never been my aim, only the result. I know I have been getting a reputation for running my mouth lately, but it's not for the fame, it's for fun and maybe also hoping whomever I target will be a bit off when I meet him next. All I care about is for the team winning, not points or personal accolades - though I do want to be respected for what I do on the ice. But those are not the same, the ephitets and prizes and what you actually do, there are lots of people who never put in the effort or time or will, who still win. And that is fine. But to me the total effort, every second of every game, is where it is for me.

INT: Is there anything you're proud of this rookie season?

FE: We're only one third into it, but I do like my +/-, blocking shots stats. They tell me I am doing a good job for the team while on the ice. So I do pride myself of having done my best while on the ice, and I am very happy with the amount of time I have been afforded and trusted. And to me it hearken back to how I have always played and been raised: you take damn good care of your own responsibility while at the same time not letting everything go to shit because someone else doesn't.

INT: And your move to Houston, how has that upset your life?

FE: The weather is weird, we had sleet on day and a warm sunny day the next. I do love the food here though, and I was surprised they even have crayfish here. I am guessing that is an eastern/Louisiana thing, but we do eat them in Sweden too, so that was a nice surprise. A bit high rent here.

INT: And team mates, organization?

FE: I couldn't praise the organization more, they have been so accommodating. And with actively supporting team mates like @Dalton Wilcox, @Strooper99, @banko, @DenisLever, @Edustava, @fin_daddy it's been so easy to fit in here. And of course @Sonnet, @Tate and @FrostBeard. I have probably forgotten a lot of people.

INT: So there's nothing you miss from Sweden?

FE: Proper dress code, less blocky streets, smaller cars perhaps. But no, not much at all. And I love the crowds here, up north in USA/Canada you sometimes get crowds who boo for booing's sake, but here I feel everyone just enjoys the game, win or lose. It's a nice vibe here in Texas.

INT: What are your long term goal playing?

FE: You don't have to play forever, you just have to play. I guess that ties into what I said before about putting the effort in. 

INT: ...

FE: ...and I want to add, not just for myself - the fans have earned my best effort every night too, GM @FrostBeard, my team mates. I owe them all, and myself every time I step on the ice.

INT: So now you're looking for Houston to do well, perhaps a good playoff run, and I am guessing you are also looking forward to the draft?

FE: Excellently observed, but let us take care of our Bull ice garden first.

INT: Any parting words?

FE: Houston, we have lift off!


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  • DollarAndADream changed the title to Elmebeck biography outline interview [to be submitted to editor] [1/2]

Review: I'm interested to see Fredrik's future! Quite the background he has. Good call on the interview style, it fit very well for the bio. There were a couple minor grammar things but it wasn't distracting. Keep up the good work!

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  • DollarAndADream changed the title to Elmebeck biography outline interview [to be submitted to editor] [2/2]

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