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I know the EFL and SBA do this, and I think it is actually really cool. Maybe for game 7's or games where the cup can be won should be presented? That would add much more to the excitement. Hockey is tougher than football and basketball to present on, so actually executing would be difficult. If we found a way to do this though I think it would be really cool.

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Meh. Here's the negatives IMO to the 'presentation' style game thread:


- The presenter is usually troll af and slow af  /  it takes someone significant time to 'present' it

- The actual result of the game is found randomly between pages 5 - 14 and for the people not in live attendance, it's annoying to find / see the result




Device's youtube live sims are way more dramatic/funny and concise. IMO if he scheduled them better instead of just coming online randomly and posting links to the stream 2 minutes before the actual sim happens, it would have better attendance and be more fun.

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