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Erik Summers - Shutdown Defenseman - Rookie Profile [2/2]

Erik Summers

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Name: Magnus Erik Summers

Goes by: Erik                              

Position: Left Defense             

Jersey Number: #40                 

Age: 19                                       

Height: 6' 1''                               

Weight: 215 lbs                         

Hometown: Dusseldorf, Germany


After a good showing in the Ukrainian U18 league, Erik has decided to move to the states and declare for the VHLM draft. In his last three seasons, Erik has lead the league in +/-, become the captain of the Vinnytsia Vultures, and earned Defenseman of the Year twice. He also placed on the podium multiple times at the Ukrainian National Youth Track Competition in cross country.




  • Strength: Strength is Erik's greatest strength. He is a tough, grindy defenseman that doesn't shy away from contact and physical play. Erik keeps the defensive zone clear by finishing checks at the blue line and denying entrance to the zone.
  • Passing: A true pass-first player. Erik would rather keep the puck moving than keep it on his stick. This is supported by his ice awareness and keen eye for finding passing lanes.
  • Defense: And old-school shutdown defenseman. Erik tries to emulate players like Ken Daneyko and Adam Foote. Erik's strong +/- is much more a testament to his defensive prowess than his scoring potential.


  • Skating: Erik is not the fastest skater. His defensive knowledge results in good placement most of the time, but when he gets caught out, he has a hard time getting back into position in time.
  • Scoring: Erik has a strong shot, but not an accurate shot. He is sometimes able to generate scoring opportunities off of rebounds, but he rarely scores himself.
  • Face-offs: Erik has not had a lot of opportunities in the face-off circle, and all together, it is just an unpracticed part of his game.


  • While still being a young player, Erik has developed some clear tendencies in the defensive zone. Erik will most often be found battling in the corner or in front of the net. While not the largest defenseman, Erik knows how to throw his weight around and isn't afraid to give, or take, a hit. Erik tends to be a pass-first player, and is much more likely to pass the puck out of the zone than to skate it out on his own.
  • Offensively, Erik has a weak shot, but his puck handling and passing skills allow him to have some production on assists. Erik tends to play conservatively in the offensive zone, and will err on the side of retreating to defend on opportunities where a more aggressive player may pinch up to try to keep the puck in the zone. This makes him unlikely to give up an odd man rush, but can also limit his offensive production.
  • Despite his physical style of play, Erik doesn't view himself as an enforcer. He would rather settle things with a chirp and a laugh than by dropping gloves. On the ice, Erik takes command of the defensive zone. He views himself as responsible for everyone's defensive placement, not just his own, with one of his coaches remarking, "It is like having an extra defensive coach that spends time on the ice."





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Review:  Had to review this as I loved the Biography.  Very good formatting. Super easy to follow and I really liked the tendencies section in addition to the required Strengths and Weaknesses.  Maybe a tad too much verbatim repeat of the Bio?


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